Saturday, September 15, 2012

32kg Kettlebell Snatches

Saturday, 9/14/2012 Nanjing Office

32kg Kettllebell snatch:

5left/5right x 20 @ 90 secs
Total 200 reps in 20 minutes

I have been alternating Olympic lifting sessions with kettlebell ones averaging four sessions per week. Yesterday was a volume PR; the pace was just right as I had plenty of time to rest between sets yet my shirt was completely soaked through when I finished. My only casualty was blister below the forefinger of my left hand. I had to use a little chalk through the last five sets to keep the bell from slipping from my sweaty hands.

Three years ago when I snatched the 32kg in sets of three left/ three right for 100 reps it took an entire week to recover .. I'm older and stronger still keeping father time at bay.