Friday, April 12, 2013

Kettlebell Clean and Two-hand Swing Combo

Of late I have changed things up a bit by re-introducing cleans into my weekly sessions. The basic combo is a fixed number of cleans with the right, a one had swing transfer, then the same number of cleans with the left. Then wait to the top the next minute and do two-hand swings with the same weight and repeat back at the top of the next minute starting with the cleans.

Today is the 2nd time this week I did this with a 40kg bell. In this case its was 3 cleans right/3 clean left. The next minute is 15 two-hand swings. This two minute combo comprises one set. Today I did 10 sets followed by 1 minute rest, another set, another 1 minute rest and another set for a total of 12 sets in 26 minutes.

For finisher I did two sets of 30 two-hand swings with the 32kg bell with a two minute rest between them. I was completely toasted after this session. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Recent volume and intensity KB swing PRs

Still keeping to steady diet of 2-hand heavy kettlebell swings. I was pleased to see a carry over to snatches which I do not train anymore.
  • 27 sets of 16 2-hand 32kg swings at the top of the minute: Total 423 @ 27 min
  • 35 sets of 10 2-hand 40kg swings at the top of the minute: Total: 350 @ 35 min
  • 35 sets of 15 2-hand 32kg swings at the top of the minute, 3 min rest, 5 more sets: Total: 600 @ 43 min
  • 15 left/15 right 32kg snatch (no snatch training for 4 months)
  • 13 sets of 20 2-hand 32kg swings at the top of the minute: Total 260 @ 13 min