Saturday, January 31, 2009

E tu, Bloatus!

Saturday January 31, 2009

Olympic Lifting Noon Session:

Clean & Jerk
20 x 2 x 5 Clean & Jerk
60 x 4 x 2 Clean & Jerk
70 x 2 x 2 Clean & Jerk
75 x 1 x 2 Clean & Jerk
80 x 1 x 2 Clean & Jerk
90 x 1 x 2 Miss badly
70 x 1 x 1 Clean & Jerk
80 x 3 x 1 Clean
80 x 1 x 1 C & J with pushout
75 x 1 x 1 Clean & Jerk
80 x 1 x 2 Clean

Russian Strength Routine for Front Squat (lbs)
135 x 1 x 6 Warmup
155 x 1 x 6 Warmup
165 x 6 x 6 Work sets

Many positive things occurred in today's session. With the meet in two weeks, the platforms were very crowded. As a result I did my warmups with the bar and then immediately to 60kg C&J doubles with an already loaded bar. They got easier as I progressed. My jerks were fine until I got around 75kg. I only got one successful jerk with 75kg and all the others had ill-legal press-outs. I was very pleased with my squat cleans as I did six rock bottom squat cleans with 80kg and no belt. One of the keys was Coach Kahn's cue:

"Whip your elbows out and up during the drop under."

This helps to keep my back straight and to really make the rack catch smoother. I'm looking forward to getting in more volume with 80kg squat snatch to really groove the feeling. A good clean will set the stage for a good jerk.

With no time left at the club, I went home and did the requisite front squats completing the volume phase (6x6 @80% 1RM) of the Russian Strength Routine. I really had to focus on keeping my elbows up and back straight. The roughest sets were the warmups and last set working set.

I discussed my jerk problems with Coach Fuller explaining that I can no longer jerk 80kg. He explained that although not great news, its nothing to panic about. He said that I have been focusing on some many things with the squat clean, it doesn't leave enough focus for a good jerk. To help me with this issue he has prescribed some technique work with off the rack light barbell push presses starting tomorrow. He said I should focus on the following points:
  • When performing the dip, the hips, knees and ankles should flex simultaneously.
  • The weight of the bar should be on the hips with the elbows pointed up as high a possible.
  • Use work sets of triples starting very light say 40kg always returning to the clean rack position after each rep.
  • The press out should leave the bar behind the ears in the same position as the jerk lockout.
A week after I started another master lifter also joined the club. Although a little younger (43), Jason has worked harder on improving than I thought was possible for a new lifter. Today he succeeded in a 90kg C&J which represented the second 5kg PR in the last two weeks for him .. absolutely inspiring.

Weight: 184 7/8 lbs (one year PR .. yikes!)
Total Volume: 11800 lbs

Diet and Nutrition:

Goal: 182 lbs

Fact: If one wants to cut weight, its probably not a great idea to eat an entire super-sized basket of oil and salt laden sweet potato fries late in the evening and subsequently belch them up through out the night.

Okay, okay I confess this was me last evening and although the 1.5 lb weight gain the morning after indulging in said offense does not mean all hope is lost, it does mean I have to get serious again. I do understand that Olympic lifting with all the heavy assistance lifts (tons of skwats) does contribute to weight gain. But in my case, I've started eating a lot more nutritionally-challenged hi-carb crapola and the non-stop weight gain is cause for concern.

In terms of my competition weight class, it's 85kg (187 lbs). I have no intention of blowing up to that weight and at the same time I have no shot at the next lower weight class of 77 (169.4 lbs). Around 182 lbs would be ideal as I would never have to worry about a few pounds of fluctuation and still comfortably make weight while still having a large healthy breakfast. But as I approach 185 lb (I always weigh myself as soon as I get up and before breakfast), I leave almost no lee-way for an late morning weigh-in. Also, the jeans I bought after my RKC cert are becoming unwearable .. that really ticks me off.

When I made weight for my RKC Russian Kettlebell instructor certification, I had been logging everything I ate on this blog. The idea was to bare myself in front of my immense readership (hi Aaron!) by posting the dirty truth of my daily consumption. Well it worked. I ate healthy, watched the portions and got down to 176 lbs and held it for several months. So its back to a daily caloric consumption log that will appear at the bottom of these posts to make it easy to skip over.

Caloric Consumption log:

  • One bowl of kitchari (yellow mung beans, brown Basmati rice, sweet potato and various exotic Indian spices)
  • One bowl of u-waved frozen peas
  • 6 oz of canned Salmon
Post Workout:
  • Whey Protein with water (24 g protein)
  • Handful of roasted unsalted almonds
  • Helping of raw baby carrots
  • 1/2 u-waved sweet potato
Late Lunch:
  • Bowl of Brussel sprouts
  • 8oz of canned salmon
  • Handful of roasted unsalted almonds
  • Handful of raw unsalted cashews
  • One Maryland crab cake
  • Large green salad with 6 oz diced chicken
  • One glass of red wine
  • Handful of roasted unsalted almonds
  • Small handful of walnut halfs

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snatches and their variations

Thursday January 29, 2009

Evening Olympic Lifting Session:

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

Snatch, Snatch Pull, OH Squat and Snatch Balance (kg):
20 x 5 x 5 OH Squat
20 x 1 x 5 Snatch Balance
30 x 1 x 5 Snatch Balance
30 x 1 x 5 Snatch + 4 Snatch Balance
35 x 1 x 6 Snatch + 5 Snatch Balance
35 x 2 x 3 Snatch + 2 SnatchBalance
40 x 2 x 2 Snatch + Snatch Balance
45 x 1 x 4 Snatch
45 x 1 x 2 Snatch Balance
50 x 1 x 2 Power Snatch
40 x 2 x 3 Snatch
40 x 1 x 4 Snatch
45 x 1 x 3 Snatch
45 x 1 x 2 Snatch
50 x 1 x 2 Snatch
70 x 4 x 5 Snatch Pull
40 x 4 x 2 Hang Power Snatch

Back Squat (lbs)
135 x 1 x 5
165 x 1 x 5
190 x 5 x 5

I added the bar-only OH squats and snatch balances up to 45kg. These are a must for me to get used to the awkward catch and drop under positions. The back squats were very difficult this evening and only a few hours later my body was sore. Here are some of key coaching cues given to me tonight:

  • Push shoulders and traps upward when locking out the snatch with fully extended arms.
  • On the snatch balance, I should use a more explosive hip drop and less arms.
  • When snatching, the bar should be held with the wrists flexed towards the body.
  • During the 2nd pull, I should fully extend before dropping under.
  • The arms should be like ropes, the lifting is done with "big legs".

Total Volume: 14500 lbs

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kettlbell Basics: Swings, TGUs, Cleans, Presses, Front Squat and Snatches

Monday January 26, 2009

The second Monday weekly afternoon kettlebell session with my training partner Max Schreiber. Today he had no problem with double 24kg snatches .. another week or so and it will be difficult to stay up with him. Since last week we added 32kg TGUs.

I know that these sessions are probably not great for Oly lifting but I have insist on maintaining a large work capacity as an important part of my overall fitness.

Noon Warmup:
Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

Kettllebell Session:

32kg x 2 x 1/1 TGU

24kg x 1 x (5,10,15,20,25,20,15,10,5) Two-hand swing pyramid

24kg x 5 x (5l/5b/5r/5b) Roundabout swings at the top of every 1:55

24kg x 4 3-rung snatch ladder
24kg x 1 x 6/6 snatch

Double 24kg Power Chains: 8 chains
A1: Double Military Press
A2: Double Snatch
A3: Double Front Squat

Double 24kg Power Complex: 1 complex
A1: Double Military Press x 2
A2: Double Snatch x 2
A3: Double Front Squat x 2

Double 24kg Power Complex: 1 complex
A1: Double Military Press x 2
A2: Double Snatch x 2
A3: Double Front Squat x 5

Weight: 184 1/4 lbs
Total Volume: 19400 lbs

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snatch pulls

Sunday January 25, 2009

I was very tired today so keep my training session very short and light.

Snatch Pulls - Full + 2 hang (lbs)
135 x 1 x 3
145 x 1 x 3
155 x 1 x 3
165 x 1 x 3
145 x 1 x 3

Weight: 183 lbs
Total Volume: 2235 lbs

Saturday, January 24, 2009

belt helps overcome drop under fear

Saturday January 24, 2009

Lately I have been avoiding dropping under my cleans and trying to power clean resulting in some very bad clean technique. Apparently the fear of dropping under is common to new lifters as myself. One of the very experienced lifters, Yasha Kahn, suggested to wear a weightlifting belt to protect my back. It did the trick as I did two squat cleans with 80kg followed by one with 85kg for a squat clean PR (I had sloppily power cleaned it several times in previous sessions). I discussed the pros and cons of wearing a belt with the coaches and the consensus was that its okay to use in only on heavy cleans and squats. I also learned that it was legal in competition.

The heavy volume workout on Thursday took its toll on my shoulders as I had extreme difficulty jerking 75kg today. After the C&J and cleans, I stopped at the coaches advice and did not do any of the hang cleans and front squats as was originally specified in this workout template. Tomorrow I will do my Russian Strength Routine front squats as this calls for the heaviest volume before entering the intensity phase.

I have made a decision to enter the Feb 15 Atlantic States Open USAW Sanctioned Weight Lifting Contest. I will participate in the open 85kg (187 lb) class as suggested by my team coach, Coach Ben Fuller. Even though I am a brand new lifter, the coaches felt it would a great experience to set a base lifting mark which would provide motivation to improve from there .. regardless of the results. I could have paid an additional fee so that my lifting results would also be computed towards a possible master class awards. However, I have no delusions at this point of doing anything other than scoring above zero in both lifts (three attempts for each of the two lifts, first the snatch and then the clean &jerk).

I'm not sure how I will react in a real competition as I'm quite aware of the effects of performance anxiety from personal experience for both musicians (I have performed on stage in a classical guitar Master Class) and athletes (I wrestled varsity in College). Even if I hit near my maximal training lifts to date, this would put me in the bottom 2% of the other master competitors in my age group. There is a small chance that if my weight class does not have a good turnout, I could help my team with points .. even with the lowest score in the class. With all the great coaching I have received, this is the least I can do.

Cleans, C&J (kg)
20 x 1 x 6 cleans
40 x 2 x 2 C&J
50 x 2 x 2 C&J
60 x 2 x 2 C&J
70 x 2 x 2 C&J
75 x 1 x 2 Clean
75 x 1 x 2 C&J
80 x 2 x 1 Power Clean
80 x 2 x 1 Full Squat Clean
85 x 1 x 1 Full Squat Clean (PR)

Weight: 182 1/4 lbs
Total Volume: 3700 lbs

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Progress with the Power Snatch

Thursday January 22, 2009

Noon Warmup:
Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

BW x 1 x 10 Heavy blue band Goodmorning
BW x 1 x 5 Ab wheel on the knee rollouts, 5 sec hold and rollback

Kettlebell Mini-session:
32kg x 4 x 1/1 TGU
32kg x 1 x 5 Sumo deadlift + vertical pull
48kg x 1 x 5 Sumo deadlift + vertical pull

I hadn't done my band goodmornings or ab wheel rollouts in a week but fortunately they were no problem. The 32kg TGUs on the other hand required intense focus. I have been having some soreness in my left shoulder and the TGUs always seem to help. To help me with my Oly lifts, I did some Sumo deadlift followed by a hard vertical pull. I could really feel my feet pushing the ground away on the pull. Note that the arms only function as ropes, the pull is with my legs and hips.

Evening Oly session:

Various Snatches (kg)
20 x 2 x 8 Hang snatch and cleans
30 x 2 x 2 Hang snatch + snatch
35 x 2 x 2 Hang snatch + snatch
40 x 4 x 2 Hand power snatch
45 x 2 x 6 Hang power snatch + power snatch
50 x 1 x 4 Hang power snatch + power snatch
50 x 1 x 3 Power snatch
55 x 1 x 3 Power snatch
60 x 1 x 3 Power snatch
65 x 2 x 1 Power snatch (PR)
50 x 4 x 3 Snatch

RDL (kg)
80 x 1 x 5
90 x 1 x 5
100 x 1 x 5
90 x 2 x 5

OH Squats (kg)
40 x 2 x 5
45 x 1 x 5

Muscle snatch (kg)
40 x 4 x 5

All the focus on the triple extension pull work has paid off. The two single power snatches with 65kg although weren't great in terms of overall technique, they were legal snatches. The goal will be to eventually get these as solid as the lower weights. Full snatching 50kg is now automatic. This is the first time I did sets of 5 rep OH squats .. prior to this I would occasionally throw in some singles. The first set was murder as I didn't have the bar directly over my hips and shoulders. The second and third sets were much easier once I corrected for these.

Weight: 183 1/2 lbs
Total Volume: 15800 lbs

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Clean-grip Push Presses for Jerk Assistance Work

Tuesday January 20, 2009

Evening Oly session:

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

Snatches (kg)
20 x 3 x 5
40 x 1 x 8

Clean and Jerk (kg)
40 x 1 x 5
50 x 1 x 3
60 x 1 x 3
65 x 1 x 2 Hang + Full
70 x 1 x 2 Hang + Full
75 x 1 x 2 Hang(PR) + Full
80 x 1 x 1

Back Squat (lb)
135 x 1 x 5
165 x 1 x 5
190 x 2 x 5
200 x 1 x 5

Clean-grip Push Presses (kg)
50 x 6 x 5

Work on the second pull on Sunday carried over today with cleans. I was able to hang clean 75 kg without any problem. I did have a little trouble with jerks even with 75. Here is where the clean-grip push presses come into play. I had some trouble with these for the all but the last two sets where I finally started to get a groove for the lift. Back squats required focus but these are technically very easy compared to the Oly lifts.

Total volume: 10800 lbs

Monday, January 19, 2009

A new training partner for a weekly Kettlebell session

Monday January 19, 2009

I have a new training partner, Max Schreiber, for a weekly Kettlebell session on Mondays. We started today with a solid one hour session.

Afternoon Kettlebell Session:

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

24kg x 1 x (5,10,15,20,25,20,15,10,5) Two hand swing pyramid
24kg x 5 x 20 Roundabout swings (5left/5both/5right/5both) @ 2mins/set
24kg x 1 5-rung snatch ladder
24kg x 1 3-rung snatch ladder
24kg x 1 x 5/5 Front squat
Double 24kg x 1 x 5 Front squat

Double 24kg Chain: 6 chains @ 1min/chain
A1: Double C&P
A2: Double Snatch
A3: Double Front Squat

It felt great to really work the kettlebell ballistics. Max had no problem keeping up with the exception of the snatches (too much arm and not enough hip snap) where I had him perform multiple 2-rung ladders to keep his volume up. Given his natural strength and youth (he can already press double 32s for a triple) its going to be a real challenge to keep up with him.

Weight: 184 1/2 lbs
Total Volume: 17100 lbs

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Applying full vertical extension while remaining on the heels

Sunday January 18, 2009

Afternoon Oly Session:

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

Squat Snatch (Hang and Full) (kg)
20 x 3 x 4
30 x 2 x 4
30 x 6 x 5
35 x 4 x 4
40 x 4 x 3

Today I worked on my squat snatch form both in the hang position and from the floor with light weights. Coach Fuller had me stay on my heels until I was fully extended during the second pull. This made a huge difference as previously I was trying to jump from my toes. The latter generates very little power which explained why I had a tendency to use my arms. By extending vertically while staying on the heels, it was so much easier to drop under into a full squat. Also after pushing off from my feet and fully extending vertically, I naturally rose on my toes as the momentum pulled me upward.

This was the first time I could consistently perform hang snatches with 40kg. With my snatch deadlift having improved previously, I was able to put the two pulls together for a solid squat snatch for a good percentage of the time. I'm looking forward to applying this new knowledge to my cleans as the two pulls from the two lifts are almost identical .. I'm very encouraged.

Russian Strength Front Squat (lb)
135 x 1 x 5
150 x 1 x 5
165 x 6 x 5 (PR)

I've taken the Russian Strength program and have stretched it out from 6 weeks to 12. This allows me to continue to train the Oly lifts three times a week, whereas the 6 week program is too demanding to do anything else. The two warm up sets seem to to really help be get into the groove .. starting with 165 is just too difficult. Next week is 165 x 6 x 6 to complete the volume portion of the program. Following that it transitions to a focus on increasing the intensity.

Weight: 184 1/2 lbs
Total Volume: 12300 lbs

Friday, January 16, 2009

Working the lifts

Thursday January 15, 2009

Morning Kettlebell min session:

32kg x 2 x 10/10 One-hand swing
32kg x 1 x 5/3 Jerk

Evening Oly Session:

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

Snatch (kg)
40 x 1 x 3
45 x 1 x 3
50 x 2 x 2
56 x 2 x 2
50 x 3 x 2

C&J (kg)
50 x 1 x 2
60 x 1 x 2
70 x 1 x 2
75 x 1 x 2
80 x 2 x 1
85 x 2 x 1 clean only
90 x 3 x 1 clean misses

BW x 3 x 3 Glute Ham Raise

Tonight I just couldn't drop under anything heavy. On the plus my snatch and clean dead-lift portion of the lifts are getting more solid.

Total Volume: 5900 lbs

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Speed Cleans and Power Jerks

Tuesday January 13, 2009

Evening Oly Session:

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

1 Speed Clean + 3 Cleans (kg)
40 x 2 x 4
45 x 2 x 4
50 x 2 x 4
55 x 2 x 4
60 x 2 x 4

Clean + Power Jerk (kg)
65 x 5 x 2

Romanian Deadlift (kg)
110 x 2 x 5
100x 2 x 5

The speed cleans are performed by standing straight up with the barbell and pulling the absolute minimum to allow one to jump under the weight into a clean squat and stand up. I did very well with these but the volume did add up. Also the power jerks were brand new and got easier as I got more confident. I had to drop to 100 kg for my last two sets of RDLs as I was pretty gased.

Weight: 183 1/2 lbs
Total Volume: 10450 lbs

Monday, January 12, 2009

picking up the Kettlbell gauntlet

Today I met with a two young college students Max and John that I had given an impromptu Kettlebell demonstration in early April of last year during a Easter party that John's mother invited me too. I always keep a few bells in the car just in the case such an opportunity like this arises to demonstrate them.

After that session, both purchased bells and the ETK book and started trainingon their own. Max had a good assortment of bells so today I brought along a 32, 40 and 48 kg bell to complement his set. John unfortunatley had recently re-injured a broken ankle and was not able to participate. He had explained how he made tremondous progress with his 16kg and then 20kg bell and put on 10lbs of lean muscle .. he was really looking forward to getting going again in a few more weeks.

Max had really trained hard was now totally ripped at an almost a competitive body-builder lean 168 lbs. His pressing had gone through the roof as back in April he could only press the 24kg for singles. Today he was able to strictly press double 32's for a triple .. no leaning whatsoever .. very impressive. He then went on to demonstrate a bent press with my 40kg with each arm. He was unable to press it but it was close! However he was able to jerk it for triples with each arm. He is interested in becoming an RKC and certainly has more than enough strength for it. His snatch, swing, clean, front squat and TGU needed only minor adjustments. He can already pass his snatch test so only a steady diet of heavy volume swings is all he needs.

Its hard to put into words how much joy it brings to me to see the progress both these young men have made.

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

BW x 1 x 10 Heavy blue band Goodmorning
BW x 1 x 5 Ab wheel on the knee rollouts, 5 sec hold and rollback

Kettlebell Session:
24kg x 1 x 1/1 TGU
40kg x 1 x 1/1 TGU
24kg x 1 x 10/10 One-hand swing
24kg x 1 x 20 Roundabout swings
24kg x 1 x 5/5 Front squat
40kg x 1 x 2/2 Front squat
24kgx 1 x 10/10 Snatch
32kg x 1 x 2 Snatch
48kg x 2 x 6 Two-hand swing
40kg x 1 x 3 Jerk

.. a great low volume demonstration session for my loyal Kettlebell devotees.

Weight: 183 lbs
Total Volume: 6000 lbs

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snatches and Squats

Afternoon Oly Session

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

Squat Snatch (kg)
40 x 4 x 3
50 x 3 x 2
55 x 7 x 2

Back Squat (lb)
135 x 1 x 5
160 x 1 x 5
185 x 5 x 5 (5 RM PR)

Snatch Pulls (kg)
60 x 4 x 3

I made a good decision to work snatches again today and had very good results with my squat snatch with large volume at my 1 RM. The key today was keeping my chest over the bar and lifting with my hips. I really pushed myself on the back squats by adding 10lbs to my previous working sets of 5 reps. Coach Fuller helped cued me on the snatch pulls to only jump when the weight shifted to my heels.

Weight: 183 lb
Total Volume: 11000 lbs

Saturday, January 10, 2009

a very ugly muscle snatch PR

Saturday January 10, 2009

Morning Warmup:

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

BW x 1 x 10 Heavy blue band Goodmorning
BW x 1 x 5 Ab wheel on the knee rollouts, 5 sec hold and rollback

Afternoon Oly Session:

Squat Snatch (kg)
40 x 3 x 3
45 x 3 x 2
50 x 2 x 2
55 x 2 x 2
40 x 2 x 5
45 x 1 x 3
50 x 1 x 2

Muscle Snatch (kg)
60 x 1 x 1
62 x 3 x 1

Front Squat (lb)
135 x 1 x 4
150 x 1 x 4
165 x 5 x 4
165 x 1 x 5

Some regression on the squat snatches. The muscle snatches were supposed to be either squat or power snatches but I was too darned scared to get under them. I went back to light weights afterward and was coached through a better hip movement. Typical .. a few steps forward and a few backwards but overall progress.

Weight: 184 lb (I was 176 back in June .. started increasing the junk over the holidays and pounds quickly followed)

Total volume: 9500 lbs

Thursday, January 8, 2009

C&J, Squat and Clean-Dead Oly Session

Thursday January 8, 2009

Tuesdays Oly session left me very sore and a poor nights sleep. Yesterday I took off completely and went to bed early and sleep long and hard. Tonights's C&J based Oly session was the highest volume to date but much easier on me than the Tuesdays snatch based session.

Clean and Jerk (kg)
40 x 1 x 3
50 x 1 x 3
60 x 2 x 3
65 x 1 x 3
70 x 1 x 3

Back Squat (lb)
135 x 1 x 5
155 x 1 x 5
175 x 5 x 5 (75% of 1RM)

Clean Deadlift (kg)
110 x 3 x 5

The C&J and Back Squat part of the session went well. I'm pretty sure my back squat 1RM is closer to 250 and I will test it next week. My first set of clean deadlifts were incorrectly performed as Romanian deadlifts. The second and third sets were a little better but my hips come up to quickly and then use my back to straighten up. I will need to master this correctly if I'm ever going to clean 110kgs let alone jerk it.

Total Volume: 11700 lbs

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Closing the Snatch Gap

Tuesday January 6, 2009

Olympic lifting requires heavy assistance leg lifts including lunges and both front/back squats. Back squats, usually just called squats are also performed by power lifters. A good example of an exceptionally strong raw squatter (no funky high tension squat suit worn) is Fawn Friday, RKC, the national record holder in the women's 125lb weight class. When used as Oly assistance lifts, both squats are performed ATG (Ass-To-Grass or equivalently thighs to calves) whereas in powerlifting it is enough to squat a bit below parallel. Feeling strong today I decided to see what I could back squat:

Morning Warmup:

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

BW x 1 x 10 Heavy blue band Goodmorning
BW x 1 x 5 Ab wheel on the knee rollouts, 5 sec hold and rollback

Late Afternoon:

ATG Barbell Back Squat
205 x 1 x 3 PR
230 x 2 x 1 PR

1/8 Front Squat (one fourth of the way from erect to parallel and back up to erect)
230 x 1 x 1
275 x 1 x 2
300 x 1 x 2

I have a one year goal of a 100kg (220lbs) Clean and Jerk. As a result I decided to load up my rack just to see what it is like to just hold a heavy weight in the front squat rack position. The highest rung on my rack is 1/4 squat position. The 300 singles weren't too bad but it does amaze me that this weight and more can be cleaned and jerked by Chen Yanqing, the recent 127 lb Chinese woman gold medalist.

Evening Oly Session:

Power Snatch (kg)
42 x 4 x 3

Squat Snatch (kg)
42 x 6 x 3
45 x 1 x 3
50 x 1 x 2
52 x 1 x 2
55 x 1 x 1 (PR)

Incline Bench (lb)
45 x 1 x 10
95 x 1 x 10
115 x 1 x 10
135 x 1 x 5

Coach Denis Reno was available tonight and his coaching cues got me to a 55kg relaxed full squat snatch. Previously once I got around 50kg, my squat snatch would degenerate into a combo power snatch followed by an OH squat. Now the gap between my max power snatch (60kg) and squat snatch has been reduced to 5kg. Given that Denis was a team lead for one of the USA Olympic Weightlifting teams, it makes sense that I should do whatever he says regardless of how counter-intuitive it may sound at the time .. it worked!

I haven't' done any kind of bench pressing in the last 5 years so the inclines where a little tough. This assistance lift is only performed at most once a week .. in earlier times when the OH press was still an Olympic lift, this exercise was much more important.

BW Weight: 182.5 lbs
Total Volume: 7930 lbs