Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Atlantic States Open

If anyone is still reading this blog, its been a long time since I have posted and I will attempt to catch up. I offer no excuses and will try and post more frequently.

The photo above is the team picture for the first place men's team, Excel Sport and Fitness WL, at the Atlantic States Open held Sunday February 14 Valentines day. From left to right:
  • Jason Edmonds, 105kg 3rd place
  • Jeremy Kornwitz, 105kg 2nd place
  • Yasha Kahn, Assistant coach
  • Rich Maloon, 77kg 5th place
  • Ben Fuller, Head Coach
  • David Tao, 94kg 6th place
  • Jason Poulos, 94kg 3rd place
  • Franklin Herman, 85kg 3rd place
  • Donny Venterosa, 105+kg 4th place
Missing in the photo were:
  • Chris Dolan, 77kg 1st place
  • Aurora Cremer, W63kg 3rd place
  • Theresa Baker, W75kg 1st place
  • Hannah Lorastein, W75kg 3rd place
  • Josh Feinman, 69kg 2nd place
This is the 2nd year in a row I have been on the winning team and am quite humbled to have such fantastic team mates and coaches.

Last year I lifted for my first USAW meet at the Atlantic States and did 62/77. This year although off my best training lifts a bit, I did 76/95 a gain of 32kg. Specifically my competition lifts were as follows:

Snatch (kg)
  • 72 No-lift: My right knee touched the ground as I squatted under it.
  • 72 Good-lift: I got over-zealous and power-snatched it.
  • 76 Good-lift: I got under it in a deep squat, re-adjusted and stood up.
Clean and Jerk (kg):
  • 95 Good-lift: Smooth and easy
  • 100 No-lift: Caught the clean out front and dropped it
  • 100 No-lift: Caught it in a deep squat but was off balance and couldn't stand up with it
Although I have snatched 77 and c&j 100 on separate occasions in training, both lifts here were still meet PRs. As what happened after last year, this meet really got the juices flowing to follow up by getting stronger and improving my technique.

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