Tuesday, August 17, 2010

90 lb (41kg) snatch kettlebell PR

This evening I snatched the 90 lb kettlebell with my right arm at the Olympic weightlifting club at the end of the session. I was prepped for it as I had just completed dead lifts and I knew the bell would feel lighter than normal. I'm sure all the 32kg snatching I had been doing lately helped push me over top. Next I want to snatch it with my weaker left arm which I believe is a few weeks to a month away.

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The video below of me performing a few snatch pulls with 85kg was taken in my basement dungeon on Monday .. the lighting is horrendous but as minimal as a place to train in, it works. Also my apology for the rotated image.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Afternoon Kettlebell Session on lawn outside my office building.

Z-Health R-phase Level 2 Dynamic Joint Mobility:

32kg x 5 x 20 Two-hand swings
24kg x 5 x 10/10 One-hand swings

24kg x 5 x 1/1 C+MP
32kg x 3 x 1/1 C+PushPress

Evening Olympic Weightlifting session in my basement dungeon:

Snatch (kg):
40 x 2 x 3 Standing squat snatch
50 x 3 x 2 101111
55 x 2 x 2
60 x 3 x 2 110101
65 x 1 x 1
70 x 1 x 1
75 x 1 x 1 0

Snatch Pull (kg):
70 x 2 x 3
75 x 2 x 2
80 x 1 x 2
85 x 1 x 2

Snatch Grip Dead (kg):
90 x 1 x 2

Front Squat (kg):
70 x 5
80 x 3
90 x 2

Had to switch to the 24kg bell after five sets of twenty two-hand swings with the 32kg bell. On the MP and PushP, really worked the negative. My left side in particular exhibits a large dead range centered around half way up.

My Olympic lifting session in the evening wasn't too bad considering all the training of the last week, however I was a bit surprised at how difficult a double front squat with 90kg was.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Afternoon Kettlebell Session on lawn outside my office building.

Z-Health R-phase Level 2 Dynamic Joint Mobility:

24kg x 15 x 10/10 One-hand swings

24kg x 2 x 200 yard Farmers walk
Dbl 24kg x 1 x 200 yard Farmers walk

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Afternoon Kettlebell Session on lawn outside my office building.

Z-Health R-phase Level 2 Dynamic Joint Mobility:

Ballistics Complex Superset:
A1: 24kg x 10/10 Snatch
A2: 24kg x 10/10 One-hand swings
Total supersets: 5

24kg x 5 2-rung MP

Evening Olympic Weightlifting session at Donny's Garage:

Z-Health R-phase Level 2 Dynamic Joint Mobility:

Clean & Jerk (kg):
50 x 2 x (2+2)
60 x 2 x (2+2)
70 x 2 x (2+2)
80 x 2 x (2+2)
80 x 4 x (1+1)
85 x 1 x (1+1)
90 x 2 x 1 00

Clean-grip Deadlift (kg):
90 x 2
100 x 2
110 x 1
120 x 1
132 x 1

Kettlebell Ballistics:
90lb x 1 right snatch 0
90lb x 1 right snatch PR
32kg x 1 x 5/5 snatch
90lb x 1 x 5/5 one hand swing

Kettlebell grinds:
32kg x 1 right MP
32kg x 1 left MP 0

I was having some trouble with the clean recovery. Coach Yasha Kahn recommended tightening my abs as I made the catch. The result was a much easier recovery. Unfortunately by the time I got to 90kg I was too fatigued to clean it. My forward knee on my jerk was not perpendicular to the ground. As the weight gets heavier I need to work on dropping straight down into my split instead of landing a bit forward with a stiff back leg.

Clean grip deadlifts were very difficult although I did PR with 132kg, a 2kg improvement.

Finally, on my second attempt, I snatched a 41kg or 90lb kettlebell with my right arm. I adjusted by rotating my thumb backwards on the swing to better load my hips and then lifted the bell directly over my head instead of slightly to the right side. It shouldn't be too long before I'm doing reps with my right side. Snatching with my left is going to take another month as I need to build up some 40kg one-hand swing volume with my left.

After easily pressing the 32kg bell with my right, I only succeeded in getting it an inch or two above my shoulder with my left. Nailing it with my left is a long term project due to a thirty year old wrestling injury when I separated it.


Frankie said...


Curious if your going to the Pavel/Dan John workshop in PA.


Franklin said...

Hi Frankie,

Unfortunately I will be unable to attend .. bummer though.