Sunday, October 12, 2008

Completion of a solid week of training

Weight: 178 lbs

Having just reviewed the previous week, I went six days of training only missing Tues after setting a 1RM Deadlift PR. With only a little right elbow soreness to show for it, its amazing I fell as well as I do. And my lower back has never been better which I attribute to a combination of daily Z-Health and the band/tubing goodmornings.

I checked my volume for the six days and I always stayed below 20000 lbs for each. I had a low of 7000 to high of 19000 with an average of around 16000 for a total of around 96000. Its truly remarkable that fifteen months ago, two hundred swings with the 16kg was all I could handle. Tom Corrigan, RKC TL, or FiremanTom as he is known on the DD forum, had explained to me back then that it takes a good year to build up strength and robustness in the connective tissue to be able handle constant high volume and he was right.

Two weeks to at most three weeks of heavy training followed by a back-off week seems to be optimal.

Late Afternoon:

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

Back & Ab Complex: 1 set
A1:BW x 1 x 10 Heavy blue band Goodmorning
A2: BW x 1 x 10 Ab wheel on the knee rollouts, 5 sec hold and rollback

Elbow complex: 2 sets
A1: 1 x 4 reverse wrist curl with 10 lb shot-put
A2: 1 x 5 wrist curl with 10 lb shot-put

Conventional Deadlift (lbs):
265 x 1 x 5 with 18.5 chain (PR)
245 x 1 x 5 with 18.5 chain

Double 24kg x 1 x 5 MP
Double 24kg x 1 x 5 Snatch

Double 24kg x 1 x 5 C&P
Double 24kg x 2 x 5 Snatch

Double 24kg x 1 x 3 MP
Double 24kg x 3 x 5 Snatch

The 265 set of 5 with chains, a PR, completes my first linear PttP DL mini-cycle inside my 12 week major cycle. It took four weeks starting at 195 and went up 10 lbs each session for two sessions/week. First tried to Sumo the 245 and failed and went back to conventional with no problem. Next DL session I will start with 200 lbs. If all goes well, when this major cycle ends in December, I will have a 5RM of 275.

I had a volume PR with the 30 double snatches. These are fun and are getting easier.

The crude photo shopped image of me with the Groucho Marx mustache below is for Aaron. I had switched it temporarily as my avatar to join in the fun when commenting on his very humorous mustache rant blog vignette here. A long time ago I sported both a beard and mustache and frankly I looked ridiculous .. it was just the thing to try back then just like wearing bell-bottoms in the sixties (we geezers rocked back then!)


Frankie Mecono RKC said...

Great pics of your property. Are the shot put exercises for grip strength or tendonitis.

Franklin said...


Smitty over at Diesel Crew had suggested the shotput exercises for elbow tendinitis. I had done it previously for several weeks and eliminated my tendinitis but it came back when I over-trained the Armstrong pull-up program by doing continuous sets of 3s for 100 reps in under 30 minutes.

I had forgotten about how effective the shotput was until recently. I'm sure this should take care of the problem in a few weeks.

Aaron Friday said...

Men of action just don't need complications in the form of purposeful facial hair.

Franz Snideman said...

Nice training Groucho!!!

Franklin said...


Indeed .. I try to avoid facial-hair-ineptitude at call costs!


Groucho: So madam, please tell the audience a little about yourself.

Contestant: Well, I'm 42 years old, am a house wife and have nine children.

Groucho: Hey lady, I love this cigar, but at least I take it out once in awhile!