Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dropping under the Snatch

Thursday December 4, 2008

Weight: 180 1/2 lbs

Woke up feeling the after effects of the late evening swing session. The left shoulder was a little tender but its been much worse. I was really looking on the evening Oly session to train cleans and jerks as I had a very frustrating snatch session on Tuesday and wanted to work on something that I was comfortable with. Well, Coach Fuller had other ideas. He was concerned that my squat snatch was too far behind my clean and jerks so he had me start squat snatch triples at a low weight and slowly work up .. only a kilo or two increase at a time. A combination of the swings last night and the previous snatch session (although quite flawed) led to surprisingly much better session:

Evening Oly session:

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

Squat Snatch (kg):
30 x 2 x 5
35 x 2 x 5
40 x 2 x 3
41 x 1 x 3
43 x 1 x 3
45 x 1 x 3
46 x 1 x 3
48 x 1 x 3
49 x 1 x 3

Out of the forty snatches I only missed three, a less than 10% failure rate compared to Tuesday where the failure rate was 66% .. a massive improvement.

Snatch pulls (kg):
50 x 1 x 3
55 x 1 x 3
60 x 3 x 3
70 x 2 x 3

Romanian Dead Lift (kg)
70 x 1 x 5
80 x 1 x 5
90 x 1 x 5
100 x 2 x 5

BW x 4 x 4 Tactical Pullups

This was a great session and some decent volume as well. I got some great coaching cues tonight that I was able to respond to. I was starting to pull with more force and with much less fear of dropping under the bar.

Total volume: 11400 lbs


Martin Schap said...

Awesome progress! Amazing how the right coaching cues can make such a difference. I am watching with interest as you incorporate the KBs with the oly lifts. Soon you will be snatching 60kg for easy triples in your warm-up if you keep going at this rate.

Colin said...

Same as what he said!!

Great progress Franklin.

Colin said...

Has anybody seen Franklin?

Franklin said...


Thanks for your concern. A bad flu with fever caught over the weekend has drained me of all desire to do anything but the minimal essentials: sleep, eat and repeat. Feeling good enough to post this comment and hopefully I will be in better shape by the weekend. I will settle for calling this an unscheduled back-off week.

Colin said...

Too bad Franklin. Hope you are feeling stronger real soon my man.

Colin said...

Still laid up Franklin? Hope this sorts itself out soon so you can get back in the saddle.

Franklin said...


While recovering from my URI, New England got hit with a really bad ice storm. With downed trees and power lines everywhere, I was fortunate that I only lost power for four days .. hey hey annoying but not life threatening.

Colin said...

You guys get more extremes of weather than we do over here. We are (or at least have been up to now) fortunate in that respect. No power for 4 days over here though and the place would be in Bedlam!

Training in part is to help us easily deal with what life throws at us. I hope you are finding that now and that the storm didn't wreak too much havoc sir.

Phil Scarito said...


Hey buddy. I wanted to ask you if you are going to RKC Level II?

Franklin said...

Hi Phil,

I will be passing up on the RKC II this summer as there is a good chance I will be out of the country during that time. 2010 is another story and I will definitely attend that one. Also I wanted to wait until I could press the bulldog with either arm and will need the extra year to achieve that.