Sunday, January 18, 2009

Applying full vertical extension while remaining on the heels

Sunday January 18, 2009

Afternoon Oly Session:

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

Squat Snatch (Hang and Full) (kg)
20 x 3 x 4
30 x 2 x 4
30 x 6 x 5
35 x 4 x 4
40 x 4 x 3

Today I worked on my squat snatch form both in the hang position and from the floor with light weights. Coach Fuller had me stay on my heels until I was fully extended during the second pull. This made a huge difference as previously I was trying to jump from my toes. The latter generates very little power which explained why I had a tendency to use my arms. By extending vertically while staying on the heels, it was so much easier to drop under into a full squat. Also after pushing off from my feet and fully extending vertically, I naturally rose on my toes as the momentum pulled me upward.

This was the first time I could consistently perform hang snatches with 40kg. With my snatch deadlift having improved previously, I was able to put the two pulls together for a solid squat snatch for a good percentage of the time. I'm looking forward to applying this new knowledge to my cleans as the two pulls from the two lifts are almost identical .. I'm very encouraged.

Russian Strength Front Squat (lb)
135 x 1 x 5
150 x 1 x 5
165 x 6 x 5 (PR)

I've taken the Russian Strength program and have stretched it out from 6 weeks to 12. This allows me to continue to train the Oly lifts three times a week, whereas the 6 week program is too demanding to do anything else. The two warm up sets seem to to really help be get into the groove .. starting with 165 is just too difficult. Next week is 165 x 6 x 6 to complete the volume portion of the program. Following that it transitions to a focus on increasing the intensity.

Weight: 184 1/2 lbs
Total Volume: 12300 lbs


pierini said...

I did the Russian Squat Program some time back and, like you, I stretched it out and only worked it twice a week.

It started out easy and then get really tough by the time the doubles came around.

Be safe!

Martin Schap said...

I am getting ready to start what I think is the same program. The Russian Squat Assault from BB? I have a week left on my current base program and then I hit the RSA for both squat and bench.

Franklin said...


I've stretched this out and have cut out all the alternating 6x2 sets .. my O-lift sessions cover enough additional front squats with the squat cleans and snatches. Next week is the 6x6 set, the last of the heavy volume phase.


I don't have Pavel's Beyond Bodybuilding (although it does get rave reviews) but the program goes like this:

Volume Phase:
Wk1: 6x2(80%), 6x3(80%), 6x2(80%)
Wk2: 6x4(80%), 6x2(80%), 6x5(80%)
Wk3: 6x2(80%), 6x6(80%), 6x2(80%)
Intensity Phase:
Wk4: 5x5(80%), 6x2(80%), 4x4(90%)
Wk5: 6x2(80%), 3x3(95%), 6x2(80%)
Wk6: 2x2(100%),6x2(80%), 1x1(105%)