Friday, June 26, 2009

A Satisfying Session

Thursday June 25, 2009

Although my right shoulder continues to warrant avoidance of pain-inducing OH work, my session last night was still very satisfying. Because of the shoulder range-of-motion limitation, I have been focusing on cleans all types (high-hang, medium-hang, power and squat), snatch and clean pulls, Romanian dead-lifts and squats.

On a separate note, when I got home I was able to listen to rebroadcast of last-nights RKC Kettlebell Secrets with guest speaker Jeff O'Conner, Senior RKC, discuss why the RKC Hardstyle kettlebell swing and Turkish Getup are fundamental to providing a solid base of movement to build all other sports activity on. He even went on to say that the kettlebell snatch, clean, press, front squat are icing on the cake and although useful, the basic two-hand swing and TGU could comprise the majority of GPP strength and conditioning training session. I was fortunate to have Jeff at my RKC Certification. Truly, one of the nicest, no-BS, transparent persons I have ever met in my life, his is also one extremely impressive athlete .. a two time 275lb class North American Strongman is some pretty serious accomplishment. Once this shoulder heals I intend to get back to at least one session a week of swings and TGU both of which nicely complement my Olympic training sessions.

Evening session at the club:

Z-Health Neural Warmup Level II Dynamic Joint Mobility

Cleans (kg): [Target 5 x 1 @ 90%]
20 x 1 x 10
40 x 1 x 5
50 x 1 x 3
60 x 1 x 3
65 x 1 x 3
70 x 1 x 3
80 x 2 x 2
85 x 1 x 2
90 x 5 x 1
90 x 1 x 1 no-lift
70 x 1 x 1

Front Squats (lb): [Target 4 x 2 @ 93%]
135 x 1 x 4
165 x 1 x 2
195 x 1 x 2
210 x 1 x 2
220 x 4 x 2 PR

Hip-Dips and Milk-Crate Box Pistols:
BW x 3 x 20/20 Hip-dips
BW x 2 x 1/1 Milk-Crate Box Pistols

I was pleased to exceed the five singles with 90% by achieving this with 94%. Although I struggled with a double for front squats with 210, various recruited spotters help motivate me to gut out four sets of doubles with 100kg (220lb). I had once previously done one double with 100 but never four so this is a real volume PR. Also its a real confidence builder as the idea of cleaning 100kg in a few months seems very reasonable.

The last assistance exercise called for box pistols. I tried first with a milk crate level box and I could not get low enough or maintain my balance. Coach Matt Delaney once again came to the rescue with a great much easier exercise, the hip-dip, to help work the hip flexors. Basically I stood on two-foot box with one leg hanging over the side. Then by staying tall, I tilted the outside hip downward while staying as upright as possible with minimal knee bend. At first I keep falling off but the third set they were more comfortable. I then surprised myself when I went back to the box pistols and did two sets of alternating singles with each leg.

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