Friday, February 8, 2013

More progress with 32kg Kettlebell two hand swings

OMG .. its been 3 months where  95%  of my training is two-hand 32kg kettlbell swings. No tweaks!, No injuries and am maintaining muscle mass. Last Saturday it did 353 in under 20 minutes. At a bw of 183 and hitting 60 this Sep .. ain't too shabby. I do mix it up slightly by switching to one day of 40kg two-hand swings every two weeks. I hit thirty sets of 10 reps at the top of the minute last Thur but it is much rougher on the hands. On Tues I did cleans 5 lefts/5 right with the 32kg bell at the top of the minute for 20 sets and 7 sets of 15 rep of two hand swings.

A few weeks ago I set a persona record for number of consecutive days of kettlebell training at 16 days. Now its back to one day week rest; two if I swing the 40kg-er.

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