Monday, February 23, 2009

Kettlebell Session followed by a Barbell Front Squat PR

Monday February 23, 2009

Yesterday I completed the last set of 6x2(80%) of Russian Strength Routine (RSR) front squats. Today feeling very strong after my Kettlebell session, I finished the last RSR 2x2(100%) and then tested my new 1RM.

Yesterday's Assistance Lifts:

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

BW x 1 x 5 Ab wheel on the knee rollouts, 5 sec hold and rollback
BW x 1 x 10 Heavy blue band Goodmorning

Barbell Front Squats [Russian Strength Routine] (lbs)
135 x 1 x 2
155 x 1 x 2
165 x 6 x 2 @ 1 set at the top of every 45sec

Today's noon Kettlebell session:

32kg x 1 x 3/3 TGU

Double 24kg x 6 x 10 Swings

24kg x 1 5 Rung Snatch Ladder
24kg x 1 x 22/22 Snatch
24kg x 1 5 Rung Snatch Ladder

Double 24kg Power Complex: One complex every minute and half
A1: 1 x 2 Double MP
A2: 1 x 2 Double Snatch
A3: 1 x 2 Double Front Squat
Total: 6 complexes

Barbell Front Squat (lbs)
165 x 1 x 2
205 x 1 x 2 (PR)
210 x 1 x 2 (PR)
220 x 1 x 1 (PR)

During our kettlebell session with Max and Nick, I increased the volume in all areas with the exception of double 24kg complexes. Both Max and Nick were able to do 7 complexes each but I dropped the bells during my second front squat of my fifth set when I tried to pull myself down into the hole too quickly .. I picked up the bells, re-cleaned them and re-did the missed squat. I then missed my next MP on the next set, rested for another period and completed the 6th complex.

After resting I felt great and having two spotters, I decided to try and complete the RSR. It was a great feeling to do doubles at 99% and 101% of my old 1RM. I then decided to go for a nice round number, went ATG and then was able to squeeze back up for a new 1RM PR of 220 lbs or 100kg. I am looking forward to someday being able to C&J that weight but for now I'm very satisfied to have front squatted it.

Yesterday's Total Volume: 2560 lbs
Today's Total Volume: 17400 lbs

Total Volume: 2560 lbs


Diet and Nutrition:

Goal: 182 lbs by April 2009

Monday February 23, 2009

Current: 181 1/2 lbs

I had my first junk food in over three weeks when I split a monstrous fried dough with my S.O. yesterday. Fortunately I stopped there and today again I was back to 100% compliant eating. I will be very pleased to complete the next three weeks as well as the previous three.


Colin said...

Congrats on the PR Franklin. And now you know you can take a treat without going overboard. Strong, disciplined and motivated. That 100kgs C&J is in the bank - its just a question of when.

Franklin said...

Thanks, Colin. Having a treat will be be just that .. to remain a "treat" they will not be consumed very often. Fortunatley I do like the healthy clean diet I'm on and don't feel deprived.