Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hang Power Clean Progress

Thursday March 5, 2009

I am still nursing my left thumb and have too stay away from snatch grip OH work. No problem as it has allowed me to focus on my cleans.

Evening Olympic Lifting Session:

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

Cleans and their variations (kg):
20 x 2 x 5 Hang Power Clean
20 x 2 x 5 Clean-Grip OH Squats
40 x 1 x 5 Hang Power Clean
50 x 1 x 5 Hang Power Clean
60 x 1 x 5 Hang Power Clean
65 x 1 x 5 Hang Power Clean @ 80%
70 x 1 x 3 Hang Power Clean
75 x 1 x 2 Hang Power Clean (PR)

60 x 4 x 5 Clean @ 70%
60 x 1 x 2 C&J

80 x 3 x 5 Clean Pull @ 95%
90 x 1 x 3 Clean Pull
100 x 1 x 2 Clean Pull

Back Squat (kg)
70 x 1 x 5
90 x 1 x 5
100 x 1 x 3 (PR)

I had a nice breakthrough on my Hang Power Cleans. The first two work sets I was catching the bar below the deltoids and not putting my hips back. The latter can cause lower back issues so I was keen on correcting that first. I first tried thrusting my hips back on the catch; it was a little better but still the catch was a bit low. Then I remembered Coach Yasha Kahn's cue from a few weeks ago regarding to "whip those elbows up". This immediately solved both problems and even allowed me to extend more during the pull as I now had adequate time to get under from the whipping action. The more I lift the more I understand that this is truly is a power sport .. maximizing force generation in the shortest amount of time. My last set of five reps with 65kg felt so easy I so I went up a bit. First a triple with 70kg and then a double with 75kg. There was no difference between 70 and 65. The first rep with 75 I was a little off balance and the catch was a little low. With more focus, the second rep was much better.

After all the hang power cleans, I was surprised that I remembered how to squat clean. The sets with 60kg felt smooth and fast.

Coach Theresa was a big help with my clean pulls. With thirteen years of lifting experience herself, she doesn't miss a thing. At first I was only pulling with my arms .. a big no-n0. Then as I began to pull correctly, my hips starting coming up too soon during my first pull from the floor. This is a very common and re-occuring problem that I can effectively handle by looking upward as pull off the ground. Once this was corrected she told me to really extend more by jumping and pulling with my traps at the same time. I did this okay for a few reps but my then my hips started coming up too soon again. Eventually I put it all together for some solid pulls. I went up a bit in weight to see if my form would hold. With respect to my pulls with a 100kg, Coach Theresa told me my hips did come up a bit soon but that the pulls were explosive.

I did a little work with my back squats and was trying for a set of five reps with 100kg but had to ditch it when I got stuck in the hole on my forth rep .. still a PR however.

Total Volume: 13000 lbs

Friday March 6, 2009

Morning basement dungeon assistance lifts:

Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2 (Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills)

Russian Strength Routing Barbell Front Squats (lbs):
145 x 1 x 2
160 x 1 x 2
175 x 1 x 2
180 x 6 x 2 (80% 1RM)

These additional lifts are necessary to maintain my leg strength and are consistent with Coach Fuller's directive: Light on the Oly lifts to work on technique; heavy on the assistance lifts to work on strength. Once again the most difficult set was with 145. I kept the pace brisk finishing the 6 work sets in under 8 minutes.


Diet and Nutrition:

Goal: 182 lbs by April 2009

Thursday March 5 2009

Current: 182 lbs

Another 100% Precision Nutrition day of compliance and back to maintaining my goal.

Friday March 6 2009

Current: 182 3/4 lbs

Although it was another day of 100% Precision Nutrition compliance, I was extremely hungry after last nights session and had to additional late evening meal .. hence the extra 3/4 pound.


Martin Schap said...

Nice session. Your technical prowess is coming along nicely it seems. And congratulations on the good eating.

Franklin said...

Thanks Martin. Maintaining good eating during the week is now a no brainer .. the weekends are much more challenging as my s.o. and I tend to go out to places where its difficult not let indulge a bit.