Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gabi's summer swing ladder

Well rested from a good nights sleep and weighing in at 175.75lb, 15% BF, I was ready to resume KB training as I had completed a "rest" training day yesterday.

Inspired by Gabi's "My Program Minimum" I decided to first take a crack at the swing portion. Not having a 20kg and needing an excuse if I did horribly, instead of three sets of switching from a 16kg to a 20kg and then a 24kg for a total of nine sets, I decided to do 10 sets all with my 24kg. The pattern used by Gabi makes a very clever use of hand transfers to keep the arms from getting too fatigued and thus extending the set. Being slightly ( hah!) of an OCD nature, here are the details of the ladder for the 1st two rungs:

  1. One Left hand swing
  2. When the bell is chest high, grab on with the right hand joining the left
  3. One Two-hand swing
  4. When the bell is chest high, let go of the left hand
  5. One Right hand swing
  6. When the bell is chest high, grab on with the left hand joining the right
  7. One Two-hand swing
  8. When the bell is chest high, let go of the right hand
  9. Two Left hand swings
  10. When the bell is chest high, grab on with the right hand joining the left
  11. Two Two-hand swings
  12. When the bell is chest high, let go of the left hand
  13. Two Right hand swing
  14. When the bell is chest high, grab on with the left hand joining the right
  15. Two Two-hand swing
  16. When the bell is chest high, let go of the right hand
... then 3 left, 3 two-hand, 3 right, 3 two-hand; then the pattern repeats with 4 swings each and finally 5 swings each for a total of 60 swings broken down as 15 Left, 30 Two-hand and 15 Right. This is just one set and it takes almost exactly 1.5 mins (1:30) to complete. She then rests for one minute and starts again with a new bell. Before starting, I practiced the pattern without a bell to slightly grease the groove:

24kg x 10 x (Gabi's "Left, Two-Hand, Right, Two-hand" 5-rung swing ladder)
Total: 600 swings in 36 mins
Total volume: 31,800 lbs

Using my Gymboss timer set for dual mode with a 1:30 and 1:00 count down timers, I started strong for the first 4 sets completing the 60 swings in just a little over the 1:30. The minute timer on the 4th set rest period was not enough so I took an additional 1:30 and banged out my 5th, rested only the alloted minute and then fell apart on my 6th set needing additional rest between the 4th and 5th rung. At this point I just decided to wait extra time between each of the remaining four sets to guarantee I could complete them without stopping. I achieved that modest goal requiring a total of 11 extra minutes over the 10 sets .. in theory it should have taken just 25 mins to complete. I only worked for 15 of the 36 minutes but it left me completely spent.

Because of the unique structure of this ladder, my grip did not fatigue as it would have if I had tried to perform large sets with only two-hand or one-hand swings. Instead my forearms and (for the first time) my shoulders really felt it.

In all a great new workout and now a nice new challenge to work towards completing this in 25mins. Hey Gabi, thanks for the pain and pleasure!

I got a nice response from Steve Meidinger, RKC concerning how he transitioned to the 16kg :36/:36 15 reps/set VO2 Max snatch protocol. It turns out that he just started with it and is already up to 16 sets. He went on to say that Kenneth Jay explains that the 16kg :36/:36 is "only" 80-90% of ones VO2 Max. Steve plans to transition next week to the :15/:15 using the 24kg which gets one to 100-120% of VO2 Max. That's some serious snatching! I'll be sure to follow his progress.

This evening I completed one time through the "Secrets of the Shoulder". I finished up with a little miscellaneous grind work:

BW x 1 x 20 Push ups
BW x 1 x 5 Push up with a clap
BW x 1 x 10 PowerWheel on the knees roll-out, 5 sec hold, roll-back

12kg x 2 x 1/1 RKC Arm bar
24kg x 1 x 4l/8r MP


Gabi said...

OMG, and all with the same bell?? Wow, _that's_ Spartan :))

Using different weights makes it a bit easier: the load waves so the one minute rest is sometimes more and sometimes less enough for recovery. I don't know how far I would have gotten with straight sets...

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Gabi, I think a Spartan would have finished it in the original time alloted .. I may have started Spartanesque but unfortunately ended up Caligulized :)

Anyway, I commend you again on your very clever ladder design, especially with a reasonable weight. Stuff like this makes blogging well worth the effort.

Taikei Matsushita said...

Franklin, I left a gift from Japan at Fawn and Aaron's place. Make sure you pick it up.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Hi Taikei,

Congratulations on getting through the Level II Cert. It sounds like it was very intense and physically demanding.

And you can be sure I will be picking up the gift you left for me at the Friday's .. I am quite humbled by your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Howie Brewer said...

Thems a lot of swings! And all with the 24kg!! Hopefully you can walk today. =)

How's that knee coming along?

And a gift from Taikei waiting for you?? You one lucky dog!!

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Howie, I feel great today but plan to take it easy. The swing volume was only possible due to the creative design of Gabi's ladder .. give it try someday!

Been working the Z drills daily and am seeing great results on my knee. There is still some pain in flexion at certain angles when putting all my weight on it so I'm staying away from LCCJ and deads for awhile longer.

Aaron Friday said...

Those are good ideas ~ both the swing scheme and staying away from deads.

Taikei left a gift for Gabi, too.

Shawn Manning, RKC said...

Frankin, saw your post on Tim Anderson's site. He was the first RKC I trained with before getting my cert this past April. I also trained with him at the Battling Ropes Cert. Just wanted to let you know I will be at the CK-FMS in August. Hope to meet your there.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


The feeling is mutual .. I have made many great friends through this medium and look forward to meeting you as well.

Tim's blog was extremely helpful to me when I was gingerly coming back from a bad case of over-training induced elbow tendinitis. Tim had recently overcome this himself and his posts where very insightful. He also always answered my many questions with thoughtful and supportive replies. I look forward to meeting him someday as well.