Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One extra rep too much

An average nights sleep with no change in weight or BF%, 175.5 lbs, 15.1 resp.

Z-Health: Mixture of R-Phase and NWU 2

Power Wheel:
BW x 1 x 12 On the knees rollout, hold 5 secs and roll-back

24kg 1-arm LCCJ:
5 x 6/, 1 x 6/7 @ 1 set/min no putting bell down; Total: 73 reps in 6 mins
3 mins rest
2 x 6/6
4 mins rest
1 x 6/6, 1 x 6l/8r

To kickoff the new LCCJ friendly competition with Colin of UK, I was to get in 10 minutes of LCCJ work at the new higher 12 RPM shooting for 120 reps in 10 minutes without putting the bell down. The difference in 2 RPM is enormous and not surprisingly I had to stop at 6 mins. I then rested and did a two 2 min sets, rested again and finished with another 2 min set.

With time remaining on the last minute of the last set, I tried to squeeze in two extra reps with my right arm. The first extra rep was no problem. Then I saw I only had 5 seconds and I raced with poor form for the 2nd extra rep and tweaked my right knee .. I locked it out just before locking out my right elbow instead of after. This jammed the 53 lbs of Kettlebell iron straight down into it and I knew immediately it would cost me at least 3 to 5 days of forced rest (I heard a pop and a crunch).

I iced it all day and even took some Ibuprofen to be conservative. This is the same knee that gave me problems at the Cert as I had to wear a knee support throughout the entire training. I can get around fine but going down stairs is painful and I have to do it gingerly. But on the bright side I can still demonstrate 16kg swings and TGUs ( tomorrow I have new client I'm training). I just can't put all my weight on it unless it is locked.

Now that I'll be supplementing my income with after work and weekend KB training consultations, I realize, especially after today, that I must place a higher priority on staying healthy and injury free than ever before. Its okay to limp for me around at my software engineering job but not in front clients. I'm very lucky that I didn't do something really nasty.


Aaron Friday said...

So you're a dumb fucker. Big deal. That's just you're retard self coming out. We're all half genius and half retarded. It couldn't be any other way.

In the future, win by not losing. Save your knee and challenge Colin to a contest that you're already good at. Snatch test comes to mind. Double-swings would be another.

Howie Brewer said...

Franklin, didn't you hear? Crunching knees are in this year! They're the new popping shoulders. Rest up my friend. Hopefully Colin is no worse for wear...

Colin said...

I'm already lagging in this challenge - no point me trying to push Franklin in the other two. He'd be able to come off the touch lines in 2 months and still beat me!!

Hope you are back on your feet quickly Franklin and it's just a knock. Good to hear you have clients and things are kicking off for you.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


I must correct you, kind sir. I am not a dump f^cker!! .. I still studying to be one and haven't graduated yet ..

My right knee is much better today as my evidenced by my Z-Health closed-chain right knee circle .. it now has a discernible diameter without causing pain.


It so true how Kettlebells easily identify any weakness. The key for me is to strengthen those weaknesses and not cause them any further wear and tear.


As you once said to me, sorry, you're not fooling anyone .. just train smarter than the village idiot writing this very response.

Aaron Friday said...

Just giving you a hard time. Hope you can pile on the reps with no pain.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


I love your schtick, man, really! And I KNOW you're busting my chops .. especially like now when they NEED busting! I eat that stuff up .. good ole fashioned hard-love.