Monday, June 16, 2008

A light day

Still feeling great and sleeping well. Weight: 175 1/2 lb, BF%: 15.0.

Today was just a very light day:

24kg x 1 x 5r/3l MP
24kg x 1 x 3r/2l MP

32kg x 3 x 2/2 TGU

I spent considerable time this evening with the 1st DVD of Brett Jones and Gary Cooks "Secrets of the Shoulder" 2 DVD set. This is very advanced for me and will take several viewings to assimilate. At the Cert I bought all three of their "Secrets of the " series as well as Brett's "KB Basics for Coaches and Personal Trainers". My goal is to work through all three Secret series to get better acquainted with the concepts that will be used in the CK-FMS Cert I will be attending to in August.

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Colin said...

I bought his Corrective Strategies DVD few days ago - will take a week or so to get here though.

Next year I'd like to focus on my weaknesses and I hope the info in that dvd should go a long way to help.