Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pull up Power Sets per Simon Forsyth,RKC

My internal alarm fired very early due to the preparation necessary for my Portland, Oregon visit early tomorrow. I will be training two of my closest friends, both very talented classical guitarists, while auditing the last two days of the annual week long Classical Guitar Immersion at Lewis and Clark College. In particular, I will be really looking forward to the open to the public, master class student concert on Saturday (I participated last year .. it was a wonderful, intense experience and I performed satisfactorily .. this time it will be sit back, relax and enjoy the show).

Z-Health: Mixture of R-Phase and NWU 2

Power Wheel:
BW x 1 x 10 Roll-out, 5 sec hold and back

Neutral Grip Fighter Pull ups:
BW 9, 7
BW 9 x (1,2,3) Power ladders
Total reps: 70

After re-testing my 9 RM, and then following up with another 7, rested and then trained Simon Forsyth, RKC style with 9 sets of his recommended 1,2,3 power ladders, i.e., one minute rest between rungs, one minute rest between sets and no rest between reps of rung. The focus in on perfect form and explosiveness. For me, this translates to getting way over the bar. Simon actually recommends not to exceed 50 reps so when restricted to just the power ladders, I did 54 .. close enough. Pull ups are a great challenge for me and I'm slowly zeroing on my short term goal of a 10 RM.

At around 2pm this afternoon, four co-workers and myself had a great swing workout. We formed a large circle and split into two groups. The 1st group did 15 swings, then the second group did their 15 swings and repeated until we were all spent:

24kg 24 x 15 Two-hand swings equal one-to-one work to rest
Total: 360 reps

My co-workers each used a 16kg and are improving quite nicely. Today Raidu, our cricket player, and my second client from work, did multiple sets of 24kg push presses on his right, five per set. Considering that 7 weeks ago he could not push press the 16kg at all, he is very happy about his new found strength. He is also down about 18 lbs as well. He now tells me his wife wants to start swinging .. that is RKC swinging. Per my advice he ordered an 8kg for her to start with.


Howie Brewer said...

Yeah baby!! You put the "grrrr" in Swinger!!! Sounds like a nice weekend planned. Hope you're recuperating well.

Colin said...

Bet you were gutted when you realised it was RKC swinging!! Still it's only a matter time, you being a ripped young physical trainer. ;)

Aaron Friday said...

You are a man of many talents, and that's a hell of a lot of pullups, no matter how you slice it.

If you want to continue the animal frolics, the crane is where it's at. The crane is immortal qigong, even though real cranes die like every other bird.

Martin Schap said...

Cool that you are getting so many people turned on to this. How did you get your colleagues interested? Did your results just make them ask what you were doing?

Franz Snideman said...

70 reps is nice! Great job!