Monday, August 18, 2008

1RM DL Test

Monday August 18, 2008

Weight: 181 lbs
I am aware of eating more and a little less clean over the past month and my weight has crept up from 176 to a high of 182 1/2. The 108 pull-ups last Thur has taken a toll on my right inner elbow and I'm going to have to be very careful. This means abandoning training pull-ups for the TSC .. no problem, I will heal and then start training again for the spring TSC.

Z-Health: Neural Warmup 2

Conventional Dead-lift 1RM Test (lbs)
135 x 1 x 1
185 x 1 x 1
225 x 1 x 3
265 x 1 x 1
295 only 1" off the ground
285 x 1 x 1 (PR)

I may have been able to grind out the 295 after getting it off the ground for what seemed like eternity but decided to drop back to 285 and still try to hit a PR which I did (an increase of 10lbs). The push to 300 by the TSC is going to be close. I read the other day on the DD forum about 150 lb, 15 year old, so wise beyond his years, who worked up to a 395lb pull. An extraordinary achievement, no?

Having just checked that we have been scoreless in Olympic Weightlifting at the Beijing Olympics so far, perhaps this fellow is our future hope. On the other hand the power-lifters may grap hold of him first!

245 x 3 x 3 Conventional Dead-lift

Following a very nice video DL training session of Jason Marshall I held the last rep of each set for ten seconds for a little grip work.

Double 24kg x 1 x 4 Clean and Press (PR)

24kg x 7 x 10/10 One-hand swing
24kg x 2 x 20 Two-hand swing
24kg x 1 x 5l/5b/5r/5b Tracy/Gabi Roundabout one and two hand swings

These were done each set on the minute.


Franz Snideman said...

NICE job on the Deadlift PR!!!!

Many more to come!!!

Phil Scarito said...

Congrats brother. Great job. I have been doing a ton of DL and TGU's as well as working on Shoulder stability drills.

DL today, we will see what my 1RM is


Mike T Nelson said...

Awesome work on the DL PR! Whoo ha!

Remember, Grease the Groove (GTG) is good, but don't create a RUT (Repetitive Ugly Trauma)--haha

Rock on
Mike N

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

franz, phil and mike,

I was having a rough day today and when I got home and read the three of your comments it immediately lifted my spirits. I am so truly blessed to have such supportive RKC brethren. Please accept a big virtual hug of gratitude to each of you.


Jason said...

Great work Franklin! I'm glad to see some of the training paramaters are working for you! Dead Lift looks so simple, but it's so tricky to get good at. I think you're on the right path. Thanks for the plugs!