Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Novice's Heavy Pull Day

Weight: 177 1/2 lbs. Not bad considering the Indian buffet. Used the small appetizer plates to control portion sizes. It worked as I ate slowly and was pleased that subsequently I didn't have a tenth of the volume noxious gas output that tends to follow such a meal.

Z-Health: Neural Warmup 2

I went back to the follow along on the DVD after reviewing the instructional section. I'm finally getting a better handle on the POGO integration movements.

Conventional Dead-lifts Singles (lbs)
220 x 1 x 10
235 x 1 x 6
250 x 1 x 4
265 x 1 x 2

This is the heaviest I've ever gone and the two 265 singles were tough. In both the knees locked out before my upper torso. I dropped back to 6 from 8 on the 235s and to 4 from 6 for the 250s. The four 250s felt the best. Until the two 265s, I always alternated my under-over grip each single. Is 300 still possible by the Sep 13th TSC? .. maybe.


Martin Schap said...

You are pulling close to 90% of your goal and the TSC is still over a month away. You are making great gains. I am confident you will surpass 300lbs.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


Thanks so much. Its definitely getting much harder .. but at the same time I remember when a single with 250 left me totally spent.

Mike T Nelson said...

yep. You are already at 90%
See ya here in MN soon--Thurs and Friday night perhaps
Rock on
Mike N

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


Thanks Mike, it would be great to hit 300 at the TSC but I know I eventually will even if its not then.

I'm now not only doing open palm shoulder, elbow and wrist Z drills, but I've added open palm with the palm back as well. They really give a great stretch .. thanks!