Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ROP C&P + Pull-up Ladders

Wednesday August 6, 2008

Weight: 178 1/2 lb. Sleep: Excellent
The weight has been creeping upward as I have gone from about 90% Precision Nutrition compliant to about 75%. With the CK-FMS Cert tomorrow, its going to be very difficult to reverse this trend until I return.

Z-Health: NWU 2 Follow along on DVD

Four days in a row with focus on Neural Warmup Two and I'm enjoying the results. Its also been four days in a row of a training. I should have plenty of time to recover as CK-FMS Cert will be more the standard type of lecture oriented cert rather than RKC-like hard-core ten hours a day of kettelbell drills.

ROP Clean and Press Ladders with Neutral Grip Pull-ups Super Sets:
A1: 24kg x 1 x (1,2,3,4,5) Clean and Press Left and Right
A2: BW x 1 x (1,23,4,5) Neutral Grip Pull-up
Total: 3 supersets in 31 mins

Following the lead of Hard-Style compatriot Martin Schap I finally gave ETK ROP Clean and Press Ladders with pull-ups a shot. This means after doing each rung left and right of C&P I immediately do the same number pull-up rung reps and only then rest for the next. The additional pull-ups made a huge difference in my grind stamina and I had to stop at three sets. Previously I had done five sets of five-rung ladders without the pull-ups so it does make a big difference. It also took longer to recover between the fourth and fifth rungs.

24kg Swings
1 x 20l
1 x 20r
2 x 10l/10r
2 x 20b
2 x 10l/10r
2 x 20b
Total: 200 reps in 11 min 20 sec

I rested for about fifteen minutes between the C&P and swings. I started out on the top of the minute for the first four sets and then additional one minute and twenty seconds rest was required across the remaining sets. These left me smoked.


Aaron Friday said...

Yeah, the ladders are quite different when you add pullups. It makes a mean program much meaner.

Aaron Friday said...

Franklin, I posted on DD as a response to you in some thread or other.

You've got about a month to taper down for the 5-min snatch test in the TSC. You should focus on timed sets, starting now, with a goal of not putting the bell down for 5 minutes. If you can do this, you'll get 100 reps and obliterate your current PR by an order of magnitude.

You need to cut back on other stuff, though. I'm talking deadlifts, pullups and snatches almost exclusively, along with Z, qigong, and whatever non-lifting stuff you want to do.

When you snatch, warm up well enough without expending too much energy, and then do a single, focused set of 3 minutes. Then decide from day to day if you want to do 3 minutes, 4 minutes or 5 minutes. You can probably do this 3 times a week, but 2 will work as well, provided you hit 5 minutes at least once or twice before the TSC.

When you've got 5 minutes in the bag, you're good for 100 reps.

Above all, you need to relax while continuing to snatch. "Blast" is not in your vocabulary unless its in the last 30 seconds. "Breathe, relax, and flow" are your keywords Switch hands before you get tired, and relax. You're in for the long haul. 10 reps per side worked for me, as it was easy to count and below my threshold for fatigue.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


We are definitely in sync tonight as I just read your reply to my TSC numbers post and then got this!

Yes, sir, its been my plan along that when I return from the CK-FMS, to train TSC events. I have taken note of your recommendations to our newly minted RKC, Jordan Vezina, and they obviously are working.

In particular, within two weeks of the competition, I really like your idea of simulating the TSC by performing all three events in the order of the competition. I'm sure we will discuss this further .. thanks!

Aaron Friday said...

I think you've pretty much absorbed everything I can help you with, as long as you hit this 5-minute goal. Nail it, and you'll be a new man.

After you get 5 minutes straight once, you know you can do it again. After that, 3-minute PRs will improve your speed and maintain your guts without sucking too much life force from you.

Do your last deadlifts 5-7 days before the event, and use only 135 lbs. Do them fast and with perfect form and don't fatigue yourself. You need to be fresh. This session is just for practicing form, while your body recovers for two full weeks.

Pullups you can do until a few days before the comp. On your TSC training days, do a one-set max, but don't struggle for an extra rep. The arm pump might freak you out, but snatch anyway, because that's just how it happens.

Martin Schap said...

Great session. I have absorbed Aaron's advice with interest for the day when I compete in a TSC. Do you have a plan for the rest of the month leading up?

Katie, KettlebellKate said...

Franklin, Send me you email so I can get those pics to you from the weekend:)-Kate

Colin said...

Looking forward to another RKC brigade weekend report Franklin. I hope it went well for you.