Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Keeping it simple

Tuesday August 5, 2008

Z-Health: NWU 2 Follow along on DVD

Elbow Extensor work super set:

A1: 10lb Shotput x 1 x 4 wrist extensions
A2: 10lb Shotput x 1 x 10 reverse wrist extensions
2 sets

Neutral Grip Pull-ups GTG-ed through out the day:
BW x 1 x 7
BW x 12 x 2 @ 1set/min
BW x 1 x 7

BW x 1 x 10 PowerWheel On knees roll-out, 5 sec hold, roll-back

Alternative Minimum Tax 2 Circuit (AMT2)

A1: 24kg x 1 x 5/5 One-hand swing
A2: 32kg x 1 x 1l/1r TGU
Total sets: 10; 200 swings, 20 TGUs

Today I trained with my manager and used the AMT2 format to increase his TGU volume with the 16kg. This slowed him down considerably and he didn't ask for extra swing sets when we finished the ten supersets.

24kg x 1 x 8r/4l MP


Martin Schap said...

I need to try the AMT some time. It looks like a very efficient workout.

Katie, KettlebellKate said...

Franklin (psst,it's August, check your blog date). Hey are you bringing any hometown goodies for the BBQ? Looking forward to meeting you!-Katie

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


The AMT and its variations is stable of my training for its simplicity and effectiveness.


Thanks for date check .. I edited the post and corrected it.