Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A crack at 8reps/set 24kg MaxVO2 Snatch

Weight: 181 1/2 lbs
I'm teetering on the edge of nutritional purgatory and am struggling to get back to 90% compliance with my Precision Nutrition program. I had the habits locked in for a few months and I find myself just barely clinging to the wagon.

Z-Health: Neural Warmup 2

32kg x 2 x 10/10 one-hand swings

24kg MaxV02 :15/:15 8reps/set
Total: 10 sets = 80 reps in 5 mins (TSC-like PR)

5 min rest

24kg MaxV02 :15/:15 8reps/set
Total: 6 sets = 48 reps

3 mins rest

24kg MaxV02 :15/:15 8reps/set
Total: 5 sets + 1 rep = 41 reps

5 min rest

24kg x 7 x 5/5 Dead hang snatch @ 1set/2mins
Total: 70 reps

Grand total: 239 reps

I knew the 8 rep sets of MaxVO2 would be rough but I was a bit surprised that I could only eke out ten sets in the first session. With some rest I did two more shorter sessions to get twenty one sets in for some decent volume.

I previously did twenty sets in one session with the 7 reps per set but 8 reps per set was so much tougher as I was always a bit behind the clock. For the first ten sets I didn't tape my hands and only used Tracy's sock glove technique. I noticed that I had to really throw the bell down on the eccentric to get the faster pace. This meant letting it go of it a bit at the top and then re-catching at the bottom just before swinging it behind (Jason Vezina, RKC, sent me a private correspondence elucidating the fine points of this technique .. thanks Jason!) .

For the next two mini-sessions I abandoned the sock and went raw. This gave me more control of the bell and I was able to get my 8 reps in right at the buzzer for most sets. Since the total number of sets was only twenty one for a total of 160 reps, my hands were fine.

Kenneth Jay, Master RKC, had recommended to I work up to ten sets of 8 followed by ten sets of 7. I have decided to slightly tweak this by just trying to add more sets of 8 in the first session and add additional sessions to get a minimum volume of twenty sets in total. Eventually, I should be able to get to twenty in one continuous MaxVO2 session.

I realized later that my first session resulted in a new TSC-like snatch PR of 80 reps in under 5 minutes up from three reps of previous five minute 24kg snatch PR. Of course when I finally to take the official TSC snatch test, I will not use a MaxVO2 rep structure but will instead attempt to do continuous sets of ten left, ten right for the five minutes.

I'm really enjoying performing low rep sets of dead-hang snatches to get my snatch volume up. I have been tweaking my form by slowly swinging my non-snatching arm back while lowering the bell. Then as I explode with a hip snap, I also swing my non-snatching arm forward to create more force. This will have direct carry over to my regular snatch.

I screened my 26 year old son last night with a home-made FMS screening kit. He scored 18 with no ones or asymmetries and I was quite pleased. Unfortunately, he is having great difficulty hinging during swings and his lower back is sore. I had to have him back off swings for the time being and work on box squats and Chinese wall squats.


Aaron Friday said...

You're hitting some nice PRs. Great work there.

Compressing snatch reps into a period of time is an awesome way to get better without wasting your skin. I like it.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


Thanks! The days of massive snatch volume in one training session have been put to bed for the awhile. This alternative approach seems to working and allows snatch training two to three times a week.

Jason said...

Again, great work Franklin! With a little rest and volume management, you're training is going to pay off come Sept. 13. Nice work on the Vo2 PR!

Martin Schap said...

Very cool to take down so many PRs lately. You must be champing at the bit waiting for the TSC to roll around. Great session and congrats on the progress you are making.