Sunday, August 24, 2008

Howie Brewer's Kettlebell Fans BBQ

Kettlebell practitioners, coaches and S.O.s and anyone remotely interested in Kettlebells showed up at Howie Brewer's humble abode on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the quaint suburbs of New City, New York.

I schlepped down from the Boston area to partake in this gala event and had a phenomenal time. As the only RKC Certified Instructor AND AKC Fitness Certified Instructor attendee I believe I did both schools proud in my openness to anything Kettlebell related.

It just so happened I brought my trusty home-make $15 FMS screening kit along and screened the following five enthusiastic victims:

  • Howie Brewer, AKC Fitness Instructor
  • Ashley Hughes, Master of Sport
  • Lauri Rudach, AKC Fitness Instructor
  • Marion Sifuew, Kettlebell Enthusiast
  • Stanford Lee, AKC Fitness Instructor

Lauri scored the highest with a score of 20 (out of possible 21) with Ashley in second with 19 and Howie third with 18. None them had any ones or asymmetries and can lift clear consciouses. In particular Master of Sport, Ashley, got a big kick out of getting a clean bill of health for Kettlebell lifting!

Marion and Lee each scored over 14 and had a single 2-3 asymmetry each. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to discuss corrective strategies as there was just too much fun to be had.

Howie had a complete set of pairs of all the pro-bells and we all had some fun with a lifting demonstrations. Lauri, who is studying to be certified Circular Strength Training instructor gave a very nice club-bell demonstration.

With great food, drink and Kettlebell entertainment galore, in all it was a great time and I thank Howie and his wife Adrienne for opening up their home and being such fine hosts.

Here is slide show of some of the fun we had.


Howie Brewer said...

Had an awesome time, too bad it was too short! Next time we'll have to bring tents and sleeping bags and make it an overnighter!

Thanks for the mobility screen, very cool!

Stanford said...

Nice to see you again Franklin. Thanks for the screen.

Franz Snideman said...

Looks like it was an awesome time!

Cool to see you bust out the FMS!!!

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


It certainly was a great time that indeed went by way too fast. It was very cool that everyone was open to being screened.


Likewise! I'm sure we will cross roads again down the line.


It was a very cool experience and I got a bunch of screens under my belt too!