Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Post the Long Labor Day Weekend

Weight: 184 lb

After setting a four month high for weight this morning, today was the first day of 100% compliance of my Precision Nutrition program. Next I will monitor my portion intake to determine if I need to cut back further.

With a long four-day weekend of preparing for both of my sisters and their families I took four days off prior to today's training session. Although I was tired and my right inner elbow still somewhat sore, instead of bagging another day, I settled for another simple but effective session. TSC prep seems less important to me than getting back into four day a week of easy to moderate training.

Z-Health: Neural Warmup II

24kg x 10 x 20 Two-hand swings on the minute

24kg x 2 x (1/1, 2/2) TGU ladders

[24kg + 32kg] x 1 x 100 yard Farmer Walk switching hands midway
32kg x 1 x 100 yard Farmer Walk switching hands midway
[24kg + 32kg] x 1 x 100 yard Rack walk switching hands midway

I haven't had a pure two hand swing training session in a while. My forearms really got tight by set nine. Ten each hand of one-hand swings seems to be easier now.


This last June I was down to 176 and felt great. My weight crept up slowly with various celebrations, certifications and parties providing the excuse to stray from the habits I had worked so hard to ingrain. The extra eight pounds I have gained has definitely slowed me down and I feel quite a bit sluggish. As a result I will be posting my intake again as this was the greatest help to me in creating accountability.

Caloric Intake Log:

1 Small bowl of Kitchari
1 Small portion of steamed spinach

Late Morning:
4 oz Canned Salmon
2 Celery Sticks

1 Medium bowl of ground turkey with mixed veggies
1 Large raw carrot
1 Large sheet of seaweed
1 Small helping of Waldorf Salad

Mid Afternoon:
1 small helping of carrot sticks
1 small helping of celery
4 oz Canned Salmon
1 peach
1 small handful of raw almonds

1 medium helping of mapo doufu, salmon with ginger, shrimp and veggies, and garlic chicken
2 handfuls of mixed cashews and almonds
1 small bowl of Waldorf salad


Martin Schap said...

You will take those extra pounds back off. You know what it takes, it's just a matter of doing it. Like Dan John's article on things that are simple but not easy. Good training there.

Aaron Friday said...

Franklin, I'm skeptical about you losing weight. I think all of your heavy and high-volume training pretty much programmed your body to eat more and gain weight. It's a natural adaptation.

Unless you're fat and look like crap (and you don't), I wouldn't worry about it. Lose weight if you want, but know that training like you do is pushing you in the other direction.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


Agreed .. its all about getting back to eating healthy.


I hear you man, except that I had been eating a ton of crap .. high glycemic fat producing junk. When I'm eating right, I don't crave junk and feel better .. its a life style change that runs counter to mainstream American diet. The extra poundage was the irrefutable evidence of intake abuse.

Yoana said...

"My forearms really got tight by set nine."

I too did some high rep two handed swings on saturday and my limiting factor was the forearms. Yikes!

Those puppies got so tight and so full of blood I could hardly use them for the rest of the day!

Awesome training as usual Franklin!

Franz Snideman said...


That was me Franklin! Accidentally was signed in under Yoana!

Jason said...

I like the Farmer's Carries! I've been eating those up lately. I really need to do a better job with my nutrition, but I'm just not that disciplined. Writing it down is a great accountability booster! Take care of that elbow!

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


Thanks! Two-handers always work my forearms hard .. very hard; nice to hear its not only me!


I would like to rotate the Farmer's and rack walks in my training more often. Dan John is real big on this type of training so we are in real good company.

As for nutrition, you are still young enough and lean enough to afford not to pay too much attention to it. As for me, if its crap and I eat it, I might as well just wear it cause its not going away anytime soon.