Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Last MaxVO2 before TSC

Weight: 179 7/8 lbs

Yeah! I got south of 180 for my B-day. Fifty-five years young! Woo-hoo!


Z-Health: Neural Warm-up Level 2

Dbl 24kg x 1 x 10 Swing
Dbl 24kg x 1 x 2 MP

Dbl 24kg x 1 x 5 Front Squat
24kg x 1 x 3/3 MP

Dbl 24kg x 1 x 5 Front Squat
Dbl 24kg x 1 x 3 C&P

Dbl 24kg x 1 x 10 Swing
24kg x 1 x 4/4 C&P

Dbl 24kg x 1 x 5 Front Squat

I wanted a short ten minute combo pressing workout and put this adhoc one together.


Double 24kg x 2 x 10 Swings

24kg MaxVO2 Snatch @ :15/:15, 8 reps/set
Total: 18 (PR), 2

Double 24kg x 2 x 10 Swings

This was my last MaxVO2 before this Saturday's TSC. I came very close to one session of 20 sets of 8 reps/set by increasing from 16 to 18. I could have done two more to get to 20 but I know I would have paid for it .. I'll save those extra reps for the TSC. I'm not worried about never having done a five minute set especially since reading Jordon Vezina, RKC, recent blog entry, here, where he picked up the 32kg and did 68 reps in 5 minutes. The signifcance here is that all his snatch training has been with 16kg and 20kg MaxVO2. (And very serious MaxVO2 training at that .. 80 sets of 7 reps/set with the 20kg!)

My double 24kg KB swings are really starting to feel very comfortable. The bells rise to almost eye level; I can see in six months time this happening with the double 32s.

With the exception of over-training pull-ups causing the flare up of my right golfers elbow, this has been a very successful training program and I have enjoyed it immensely. Regardless of the numbers I post on Saturday I already feel quite satisfied with my progress to date.

If you read this blog, you know I am a big proponent of training the ETK Program Minimum. I not only train my clients with this and its variations but I perform it myself a few times a week. With this is mind I came across the following excellent article in Straight to the Bar, here, by Jordan Vezina, RKC, on how he uses the program minimum to get those of his new clients that come in self-taught with a improper snatch form. Below is the check-list I have extracted from the full article:

  • Is your wrist hyper-extended at lockout?- Get Ups.
  • Do your hips lack the snap required to propel the bell effortlessly up?- Swings.
  • Do you have a posterior pelvic tilt at lockout?- Get Ups.
  • Are you unstable at the top?- Swings and Get Ups.
  • Do you lack tension at the moment of execution? Swings.
  • Is your shoulder disconnected at lockout?- Get Ups.


Jason said...

Happy Birthday, Franklin! I hope to be in as good of shape as you are when I reach that age!

Great workouts! You're going to do great at the TSC. Keep the hard work going!

Colin said...

Happy Birthday young man!!!

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


Thanks! Since you have started on the right track at such a young age, high quality of life with great longevity awaits you.


And thank you too sir!

Katie, KettlebellKate said...

Franklin, Happy Birthday!! I hope all is well with you and that you enjoyed a celebration. Now go get'um at the TSC.-Kate

Jordan Vezina said...

Franklin, happy birthday. Wish I knew about the elbow earlier. Check out Zyflamend by New Chapter. I used to have a severe pain in my left elbow that made it impossible to train pull ups at all. Picking up my toothbrush hurt. I used this stuff, did more stretching and myofascial release, and now it's completely gone. Thanks for the mentions.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


Thanks for B-day wishes! It was a great feast and now I'm ready for my 1st TSC.


Thanks! I went ahead and ordered the Zyflamend. I've been keeping the elbow in check with lots of Z-Health drills but unfortunately even light pull-up training is out as this really exacerbates it.

I'll let you know how I respond to the Zyflamend.