Monday, September 29, 2008

Tubing and Light Barbell Goodmornings

Weight: 179 7/8 lbs

Once again I'm south of 180. I'm quite happy to bounce around this weight compared to the 176 I had trouble maintaining after the RKC Cert. The recent double bell and deadlift training has added a bit more muscle mass .. if I'm gonna be a little heavier I'm okay with more muscle.


Z-Health: Neural Warmup Level 2

Tubing / Evil Wheel Complex: 2 sets
A1: 1 x 10 Tubing Goodmornings
A2: 1 x 5 Evil Wheel On the knees Rollout, 5 sec hold, Rollback

I used a tubing around my neck and secured the two bottom straps with my feet to perform some Goodmornings. Apparently, one can train these heavy weekly whereas DLs are just too hard on the CNS. The carry over is building lower back strength.

GTG Tactical Grip (pronated) Pullups
BW x 3 x 5 several hours apart

This is the first time I tried training pullups as my right elbow felt very good today. I did test both a chin-up (supernated) and neutral grip (palms facing) and both of these caused considerable pain especially on the medial side (golfer's elbow). Interesting is that tactical grip pull-ups used to cause excrutiating left lateral (tennis elbow) elbow pain but that arm is all better now.

Late Evening:

Kettlebell Military Press:
32kg x 3 x 1 MP Right
32kg x 2 x 2 MP Right
32kg x 2 x 2 Jerk + slow negative Left

Barbell Goodmorning:
45 x 1 x 10
95 x 1 x 10 (PR)

Barbell Clean and Press
95 x 1 x 2
105 x 1 x 3
115 x 1 x 1
125 x 1 x 1
135 x 1 x 1 (PR)

My long term goal is a KB bulldog (40kg) military press with each arm. This means I have to put focused effort on not falling too far behind my much stronger right shoulder, say no more than a 4kg gap between arms. To this end, although failing to press the 32kg on my left I was able to get it up about 4" a few times (a PR of sorts). I remember before my RKC, I re-tested my right arm 32kg MP I was pleased back then it was at the same place as my left is now so I am progressing.

I decided to check out the left negative by jerking it up and pulling it down slowly. There is about 6" starting from where humorous gets parallel to the ground where there is little power to control the descent. I will be working these negatives along with my higher rep single and double Kettlebell 24kg presses. The key for me with pressing is a GTG like approach of low rep sets performed four or five times a week.

The barbell Goodmornings felt different than the tubing ones. Fortunatley the weight is light enough to press behind my back and jerk it back over easily. For higher weight I will need the power rack at the Fitness Center.

Feeling how light pressing the 95lb barbell felt, I tested my barbell pressing and was pleased to be a single wheel presser.

Although an easy day was called for, I did a little extra than planned but feel really strong and I'm raring to get back to 24kg MaxVO2 tomorrow.


Gabi said...

Besides DL, the good-morning is another one of the few lifts I really miss now that I don't train with barbells.
Great stuff on the presses!

Martin Schap said...

First chains and now bands. You are turning into one of these Westside Barbell Club guys. Go Franklin!

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


Thanks for encouragement! I forgot that you had a lot of barbell experience and I appreciate any suggestions in this area. And yes, Goodmornings are a fantastic assistance lift.


Your support is always greatly appreciated! The WSB influence comes directly from my previous consultation with Rif. It just has taken a fairly long time to begin to understand how to integrate all this into training that is primarily KB based towards a goal that is TSC based.

Frankie Mecono RKC said...

Barbell Good mornings really helped one of my Tennis players. Relieved tight hams,glutes and low back. Helped his squats a great deal. I need to look into tubing goodmornings, dont really understand it yet.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...


Originally I was going to use the large blue jump-stretch band by standing on it and then looping it over my neck. Once in the lockout position I arch my back, sit way back and hinge like a I just hiked a kettlebell between my legs. I then explode up under the resistance of the band and snap my hips, squeeze my abs and glutes at the lock out again similar to a swing.

Not having a jump-stretch band, instead I used rubber tubing which is attached to handles on each end. I hook the handles on my feet and loop the tubing over head and perform the Goodmornings.

I'm actually using four different pieces of tubing secured to common handles to create a fairly solid resisting load. Two sets of ten reps is now part of my daily morning routine.