Tuesday, May 6, 2008

a 12kg weighed pull-up

Mediocre sleep .. was tired all day. Weight: 178 3/8 lbs. The only way I get under 178 again is by eating less .. this will be tough as I'm hungry all the time now.

The two moderate training days in a row were a bit much and both elbows are sore. Also, my upper back is still sore. Today is definitely a real easy day.

My office mate brought in his new 16kg Muscle-driver bell. I worked with him on presses and his swing form .. much improved over last week. Like myself we are both right side dominant. He could knock off 10 MPs with on his right and only 2 on his left. On a good day I can do 8 MP with the 24kg on my right and maybe a double on my left.

16kg x 2 x 10 MP on left side
16kg x 1 x 1 BUP on left side
16kg x 1 x 1 SOTS Press on right side

I tried a BUP on my right but elbow was still to sore. The two sets of 10 MP with 16kg on my left was a nice surprise. Back in July I could barely do a single with the 16kg on my left.

In the evening I used my thick nylon jump rope to attach my 12kg for weighted a pull-up:

(BW + 12kg) x 1 x 1 pull-up

That was tough but fun. I might consider doing singles with this weight GTG style for a few weeks alternating with my regular BW pull-up work. This $10 jump rope makes a very inexpensive dip belt. I'm glad I tried this as I now I really have respect for crazy strong dudes that can do this with a beast.


Diet and Nutrition Log

1 bowl of Kitchari with sweet potato and green gram curry
2 cups of coffee with tbs of 1/2 and 1/2
2 dates

Morning Snack:
6 dates
8 oz Kefir

1 large bowl of Kitchari with sweet potato and green gram curry
4 dates
1 tangerine

Afternoon snack:
10 dates
1 orange
1/4 sweet potato

1 small bowl of pan-fried salmon
1 small bowl of chicken and rice
1 piece of pie
2 scoops of ice cream
4 small handfuls of almonds


Martin Schap said...

A lot of people notice that when they do weighted pull-ups for reps they get much better at unweighted, perhaps this will lead to many more new PRs. Congrats on trying it out and succeding.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Hi Martin,

Thanks, and yes, thats what I hope to achieve. So far I've plateau-ed at 7RM BW, so I thought I would try this. Changing programs every 4 or 5 weeks seems to be working very for me.

I plan on sticking with the 12kg for at least a couple of weeks to see if can GTG up to a double. If not I can use my 5lb plates and drop down to 20 lbs and start over.

I also know you have had great success with weighted pull-ups and I would like to know your training history with this if possible.

Aaron Friday said...

I expect you'll see an effect with the weighted pullups if you attach only 10 pounds and continue to focus on explosiveness for singles.

12kg is pretty much a 1rm, no? Might be too intense for daily training, but weekly would be great.

Anyway, just some thoughts. Do what feels right to you and report back. I want to see you get over 10, for starters.

Aaron Friday said...

Oh yeah. You said you were going to mix it in with normal stuff. Still, I'd go only once a week if you're using close to a 1rm weight.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Hi Aaron,

You have a really good point there .. that 1RM was very tough and I trust your are correct that 10 lbs might be plenty to start with to achieve the 10 RM BW result.