Sunday, May 18, 2008

progress with Max VO2 16kg snatch

Another good nights sleep. Weight: 176 1/2 lbs. A little lower back soreness from driving 6 hours to my sisters and back.

Z-Health: R-Phase
Qigong: Bear and Tiger Frolic

Sumo DL 10 Day Linear PTTP Cycle: (lbs)
Cycle 2: Day 10: 215 x 1 x 5, 195 x 1 x 5

The 215 pulls were again 18 on the Perceived Exertion scale (very taxing). The 195's were about an 12 ... I was working but lots left in the tank. This completes my 2nd cycle of PTTP. I increased my 5RM 10lbs and I'm very happy with this progress. I'm going to hold off testing my 1RM until at least another 2 cycles of PTTP .. its working, its conservative and it leaves me with lots of energy for my KB training.

Just before dinner I decided to test my Max VO2 16kg snatch. The last time I did 27 sets after two 5 minute timed sets of 24kg one-arm LCCJ. This time I was completely rested and the results were much better than expected:

Max VO2 Snatch 16kg 15:15 7reps/set
60 sets (PR)
Total: 420 reps in 30 mins

This is a very solid number and I will next test by bumping the pace to 8reps/set. I did use the Gulf wax on the 16kg bell to test its effectiveness with heavy volume snatching. Also during the 15 seconds rest I applied some on my hands. Unfortunately, although my problem left hand did not tear or blister, two small existing callouses got really sore. In contrast, when using the Rif hand taping protocol, I have had NO issues at all so I am going back to it.


Diet and Nutrition Log

1 bowl of Kitchari with sweet potato and green beans
2 cups of coffee with tbs of 1/2 and 1/2
2 dates

Morning Snack:
4 oz Kefir
1 Whey protein shake
1 small handful of roasted almonds

1 bowl of pan-fried salmon, sichuan shrimp and veggies
1 tangerine
1 small handful of roasted almonds
1 tangerine

Afternoon Snack:
1 small helping of pan-fried salmon, sichuan shrimp and veggies
1 tangerine
1 small helping of cottage cheese and steamed veggies
1/2 tangerine

1 bowl of pan-fried salmon, shrimp and veggies, brown rice with sweet potato
2 small scoops of ice cream

Evening snack:
1 small helping of pan-fried salmon
1 small handful of roasted almonds


Sean Schniederjan said...

very nice, it looks like you're ready for 8 reps per round (fun!)

Franklin B. Herman said...

Thanks Sean!

The jump from 7 to 8 is going to be challenging but I'm up for it.

Martin Schap said...

Good work. I think 2 more cycles of PTP will really improve your deadlifting. Progress is a wonderful thing to watch. Good work on the conditioning too. Also, been meaning to say you look much tougher in your new picture.

Colin said...

PR after's getting boring reading your blog. Haha, just kidding.

Excellent work as usual my friend - you're a machine!!!

Franklin B. Herman said...

Your encouragement and training insights are always appreciated. I'm enjoying the PTTP work and looking forward to continued progress with it.

One more day of life is PR! Like yourself we have both been adjusting our programs to maximize individual progress and both are seeing great results .. and keeping it fun .. thanks for you support!