Saturday, May 31, 2008

some C&P singles with the 2 pood

A great nights sleep. Weight: 178 1/4 lb. Up there but not worried as I had a large lunch at an Indian restaurant yesterday .. the food had a huge salt content.

Z-Health R-Phase

Power Wheel:
BW x 1 x 10 On knees roll-out, hold 0:05, roll back

16kg x 1 x 15l/20r MP
16kg x 1 x 5/5 Snatch

Power Wheel:
BW x 3 x 1 30 yard crawl and back

Four others in our little office have expressed interest in KB training. One has already ordered bells and wanted to start training ASAP. As a result at around 2pm, I had an impromptu outside training session with three other co-workers.

24kg x 1 x 4l/8r MP
32kg x 3 x 1 C&MP right side (PR)

We were all testing our MP strength. One co-worker who had his 1st session today was able to press the 24kg for a double on his right. My other co-worker, who plays cricket that I have been training for the last month, went from zero MPs with a 16kg a few weeks ago to 5 reps today on his left side .. he was very psyched!

I decided to test my MP progress and did 4 MP on the left with the 24kg for a PR .. a very pleasant surprise as I don't train presses in favor of LCCJ. Just for hell of it, I decided one good PR deserves another so I cleaned the 32kg on the right and up it went. I was so freaked out by it, I put it down rested and C&P-ed it again. One more time with all the witnesses and I was completely stunned.

32kg x 2 x 18 Two-hand swing 0:30/0:30
24kg x 8 x 18 Two-hand swing 0:30/0:30

24kg x 1 x 5/5 snatch
32kg x 4 x 1/1 LCCJ

What was supposed to be a light day turned out heavier than expected. I intend to take the weekend off to rest up for my Cert.


Colin said...


I meant to ask yesterday about that new DL program - the 4 sets and reps scheme you put down yesterday...those aren't all on the same day I take it!?!

Franklin B. Herman said...

Hi Colin,

Thanks! Pressing the 2 pood still seems unbelievable considering where I started. The hard-style methods are extraordinarily effective even for a codger like myself.

As for the dead-lifts, yes, that all was the same day and all done in a late evening session .. very light compared to the stuff you've been doing but very effective for where I'm at now. This followed an early afternoon session and early evening session of 200 32kg two-handed swings each.

I wanted one killer day to simulate a heavy RKC Cert type situation and I think this might have come close .. I'll know in less than a week! :)

Howie Brewer said...

Awesome dude! I think you experienced what others call the WTF effect!! Wow wee!!

So are you psyched??? When are you heading out West?

Colin said...

It's all relative Franklin - those are a lot of reps at high percentages. A set of 10 at 75% intensity is hard work.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it's weight x reps x sets you lay it out as?

As for the old codger bit - you're fooling no one. I've got a few years on you and some of your sessions are murder on me.

Franklin B. Herman said...


Sorry for the confusion. I have been using:

Weight x Sets x Reps


190lb x 10 x 1

is just ten singles with 190 lbs with a 30 rest between each .. forgot to post that important detail.

Franklin B. Herman said...


Thanks! The RKC hard-style methods really are an exceptional way to train but as I have learned last week from the AKC Fitness Cert, they are not exclusive to producing good results.

In particular, I am totally convinced that your continued focused efforts with the AKC Fitness training protocol will also produce huge gains in many unexpected areas and I support your effort towards this unconditionally .. go for it bro!

Taikei Matsushita said...

Right on 32kg!

Have a great time at RKC.
I'm there just about 3 weeks after.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Hi Taikei,

Thanks so much for your support! And best of luck on your RKC II Cert.

I know someday we will meet and I will then have a chance to tell you face to face how much you have inspired me.

Gabi said...

A great achievement, congrats! And right on time for you to gain some additional steam from (not that you lack any) :)
You'll have such a great time at the Cert! You'll be smoked but you'll love it!

Sean Schniederjan said...


You are a prodigy! Pressing the double that fast is incredible.

See you Sunday!

Franklin B. Herman said...

Hi Gabi, RKC

Thanks so much! In all honesty I am a little afraid of the RKC Cert demands .. buts its a healthy afraid.

Hi Sean,

Really appreciate it! Its so weird as did very minimal MP work .. its must have been heavy swings and LCCJ.

Really looking forward to meeting you at my graduation.