Monday, May 19, 2008

sumo dead lift video for evaluation

Yesterday's max VO2 snatch had a delayed effect on me and by 9pm I was in bed sound asleep. I woke up at 3am got up and read for awhile, went back to bed around 4:30 and got up at 6:15. Weight: 176 1/4 lbs. BF%: 15.6.

Qigong: Bear and Tiger Frolic
Z-Health: R-Phase

After lunch I did alternating two-hand swing sets with my co-worker. His form is improving daily with the 16kg. I used to the 32kg:

32kg x 1 x (5,10,15,20,25,20,15,10,5) two-hand swing
32kg x 1 x (5,10,15,20,17,8) two-hand swing
Total reps: 200

The last set was targeted at 25 reps but I had to break it up into 17 and 8. All swings were eye-level and very forceful. Inspired by Colin's continuing progress with the LCCJ, I finished the session with a few sets of low rep LCCJ:

32kg x 3 x 1/1/1/1 LCCJ
32kg x 2 x 2/2 LCCJ
32kg x 1 x 3/3 LCCJ

My left side jerk is getting very solid with this heavier weight. Only a few weeks ago, a single wasn't guaranteed. I love doing KB outdoors .. a great simple session.

I am extremely psyched to post that I have retained Coach Rif, (Mark Reifkind, Senior RKC, also a very experienced former power-lifter competitor and head coach), to evaluate my dead-lift form and provide any and all assistance work towards improving this amazing lift. To that end, here 's a video of me doing a few 190 lb reps of sumo dead-lift. Of course everyone is invited to provide feedback.


Diet and Nutrition Log

1 bowl of Kitchari with sweet potato and green beans
2 cups of coffee with tbs of 1/2 and 1/2
2 dates

Morning Snack:
1 bowl of pan-fried salmon, sichuan shrimp and veggies
1 hard boiled egg no yolk
1/2 apple

1 bowl of pan-fried salmon, sichuan shrimp and veggies
1 small helping of steamed snow pea pods
1 apple

Afternoon Snack PWO:
4 oz Kefir
1 small helping of pan-fried salmon, veggies, mapo doufu, brown rice and sweet potato
1 hard boiled egg with 1/4 yolk

1 bowl of pan-fried salmon, brown rice with sweet potato
1 bowl of Chinese steamed broccoli
3 small handfuls of roasted almonds
1 piece of pie
2 small scoops of ice cream

I was starved even after the large dinner. A few hours later I was okay.


Martin Schap said...

(Obviously) you should listen to almost anyone over me, but one thing I notice is that your effort could be more smooth. You appear to jerk at the bar a little to get it started rather than applying tension in a controlled way to get the bar moving. I believe in PTP there is a section that talks about how most people would try to lift the end of a car very quickly and hurt themselves but if you told them to gradually build up to a max effort over several seconds they would not get hurt even if the car is too heavy to lift. I may add to this if I think of a better way to express my thought.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Hi Martin,

Excellent feedback .. and only now do I remember the car analogy from PtP. What I was doing was building tension internally after breathing into my abdomen and then trying to explode up. Thanks!

Gabi said...

No expert either, but my impression was the same as Martin's.
Of course, like with kettlebell lifts, everybody develops their own individual style with time, some rip the bar off the floor, some grind slowly. Maybe you naturally tend to the former. Still it might be worth considering to stay with slow and steady in the first few cycles, for safety' sake.

I'm a bit late catching up with your blog, all the more impressive do I find your progress, great job, overall!
AND HEY, you look ripped! :)

Franklin B. Herman said...

Hi Gabi,

Thanks so much! I've stayed injury free since overdoing the 32kg snatches and am feeling great. I'm in complete agreement with Martin and yourself about my herky-jerky approach .. its an approach formed in a void and that's why appreciate the feedback so much.

Aaron Friday said...

The general impression I got was that you just need to deadlift more. You may be jerking the weight a little, but it's only 190 pounds. That's to be expected. Your posture looks good, and the movement is way fast. The fact that you can just slide the bar over because it bumped the wall means this is not a heavy weight for you.

What you do need to do is center your grip. You can't just grab the barbell any old way and expect it to rise in a uniform manner. You gripped wider with your right hand, and the right side came up slower. Center it.

Lock out your knees at the precise moment that you straighten your torso. For now, you're straightening your legs before your torso extends fully. Work with it, and make it one full, integrated, and complete movement.

Yes, you are ripped, and you look great.

Do heavier deadlifts. 315 for starters. There's no reason under the sun you can't do it. It's a one-rep thing. No volume involved here at all.

Aaron Friday said...

Forget everything I just wrote.

Deadlifting means Heavy and Hard. No wonder I crossed swords with Colin about this very thing. To me, it's intense and isn't something you do 5 days a week.

Your form looks good at this weight, but it's too light. 3 wheels, baby! You can deadlift 315 and can probably do double bodyweight if you ramp up to it.

Colin said...

I agree with Aaron (surprise!!) - I think that you can lift WAY more.

Along with a lot of the things already said I thought that you were standing back from the bar a bit too far. In my starting position it is more or less touching my shins. You feel the weight through the heels and a lot less on the lower back then. However I'm no Rif and I also DL conventional style. Just an opinion though. Take some of the suggestions here and have a play around with them. Run with the feedback you get from your body.

Slap on more weight though.

Franklin B. Herman said...


Thanks for the vote of confidence .. I'm still a little intimated by this lift and the last time I tested my 1RM it took several days to recover.

On the other hand, your advice over the last four months has been nothing by dead-on. Rif will be providing more feedback shortly and I will wait for his advice on how to proceed.


Yeah I think you are on to something there. I skinned my left shin a few weeks ago so I think right on as I've been too far back from the bell to over-compensate.