Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More forward progress with a scheduled heavy day

Went to bed around 11pm and got up 6:00am. Once again I was up multiple times to pee, but each time was able to get back to sleep until about 4:30am when I dozed in and out until finally getting up. I weighed 177 1/2 lb .. this is yet another new low 10 year low. Its possible that the relatively fast weight loss and new eating patterns is impacting my sleep. However, I'll take it as a short nap of 15 minutes in the mid afternoon seems to do the trick.

This new cycle is going very well as my work capacity continues to grow .. the two days active rest between heavy days is the key. Also no soreness yet with my elbows this evening. I haven't used ice or ibuprofen in over a week, .. my Homedics thumper massager is now my primary sore limb rehab tool.

GD (Greg Donahue) GTG Pull-up Program:
Day 19: 1 set of 3 neutral grip pull-ups (19,1,3)

I went quite a bit beyond this with additional GTG-ing throughout the day for an additional two sets of four reps. These are starting to feel so much easier and the extra volume doesn't seem to bother my elbows so far. As a result starting tomorrow I will experiment and switch programs to start with Day 5 of Pavel's highly recommended 3RM Fighter Pull-up. This will mean sets of 4,3,2,1 with two or more minutes rest between sets. If this is too much I will switch back to the GD program.

Hard Foam Roller: ITB, Piriformus, upper back, shoulders
16kg 1 x 10/10 Halos
24kg 1 x 10/10 Slingshots
BW 1 x 10 Wall squats

Superset x 4 with one minute rest between sets, no rest between A1 and A2:
A1. Dbl 24kg 5 LCCJ
A2. Dbl 32kg 5 Swing

Superset x 2 with one minute rest between sets, no rest between A1 and A2:
A1. Dbl 24kg 4 LCCJ
A2. Dbl 32kg 5 Swing

Superset x 1 with one minute rest between sets, no rest between A1 and A2:
A1. Dbl 24kg 3 LCCJ
A2. Dbl 32kg 5 Swing

Would have like to have done 6x5 with the LCCJ portion of the set, but its not there yet. By reducing the LCCJ reps from 5 to 4 to 3 across the 7 sets, I was able to at least increase the volume. The ultimate goal is 10x5 which will require three to four months of this program. These are extremely tough for me but I'm sure extremely good for me as well.

As with the previous heavy training days, I like to end it with higher rep lower weight swings:

24kg 200 Two-hand swings in 13 mins:
1 x 40, 2 x 25, 2 x 20, 1 x 10, 2 x 25, 1 x 10

After the 1st set of 40 I knew I would have to drop off but I keep up a very tough pace and PR-ed. Previously I needed 20 mins to complete 200 swings using the Howie Brewer's "Howie's Challenge". I rested 4 minutes before continuing with some more swinging, this time one-handed:

24kg 10 x 5/5 One hand-swings every 30 seconds

After the 10 swings of each set there was usually only 7 to 8 seconds of rest. This resulted in another PR with 100 24kg one-hand swings in 5 minutes .. I really gutted out the last 3 sets. This gives me a better idea of the type of stamina required for the TSC snatch test (max snatches in 5 mins with either hand and the bell can be put down).

BW Knuckles to the floor static plank: 1 x :08b/:37r/:25l/:40b = 2 min .. a new PR

The last minute of this required very concentrated slow breathing. I'm always dripping plenty of sweat on my floor mats afterwards .. its very intense.

Total volume: 25916 lbs

I just read tonight on RKC Taikei's blog about him doing several sets of 15 snatches with double 24's .. that's some real strong stuff! Just thinking about doing that someday really motivates and inspires me.

Diet and Nutrition Log

1 bowl of Kitchari with sweet potato, Green Gram Curry and Toor Dal
2 cups of coffee with tbs of 1/2 and 1/2
2 Dates

Morning Snack:
4 oz Kefir
2 small handfuls of roasted almonds

1 Whey protein shake with 4 oz of Kefir
1 bowl of Gujarati beans with Toor Dal, Green Gram Curry and sweet potato
1 honey tangerine

Afternoon snack:
3 handfuls of roasted almonds

1/2 glass of red wine
2 bowls of Gujarati green beans with brown rice and sweet potato
1 large sesame cracker
1 piece of egg custard pie
1 scoop of coffee ice cream
1 small handful of dried cranberries

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