Friday, April 18, 2008

200 24kg snatches in 30 mins

Another welcomed good nights rest. Weight: 175.5 lbs. Very little soreness and I was excited to do another early morning workout.

Sumo DL Linear PTTP Cycle: (lbs)
Day 3: 155 x 5, 140 x 5

This time I went barefoot and had no trouble with either set. Next it was time to re-test my snatches.

24kg Snatch
10 x 5/5 @ 1set/1min
4 mins rest
5 x 5/5 @ 1set/1min
4 mins rest
2 x 5/5 @ 1set/min
2 mins rest
3 x 5/5 @ 1set/min
Total: 200 reps in just under 30 min

50000 Snatch Race Total: 605 + 200 = 805 pts

I just knocked off 14 min to complete the 200 24kg snatches in 30 mins, an new PR. I like Aaron's suggestion to see where I am with an RKC Cert snatch test (only one hand transfer allowed and can not put the bell down). If I had to guess it would probably be around 15l/18r = 33 reps. If I attend an RKC cert I will have to demonstrate a total of 48 reps (e.g., 24l/24r).


Diet and Nutrition Log

1 bowl of Kitchari with sweet potato, and Green Gram Curry
2 cups of coffee with tbs of 1/2 and 1/2
2 dates
1 banana

Morning Snack:
1 Whey protein shake with 4 oz Kefir
2 small handfuls of roasted almonds

1 bowl of Cilantro pan-fried salmon and brown rice
2 Dates
1 large orange

Afternoon snack:
6 dates
2 small handful of roasted almonds
1 tangerine
4 oz Kefir

1 bowl of Cilantro pan-fried salmon and brown rice
1 small piece of pie
1 scoop of ice cream
4 Dates


Colin said...

I get excited about deadlifting too - I think with me it's because I you don't lift anything heavier.

Again - good work on the snatches. Any problems with the hands doing that much snatching?

Martin Schap said...

You are a PR factory! Nice work on the snatches, and good to hear the deadlifts are coming along.

Franklin B. Herman said...

The DL-ing is fun. I know I'm in the very early stage where progress is quick but I'm know well enough it will get very challenging soon.

So far the right hand no trouble. The left has the beginnings of a blister right between the main two creases of the palm. I use a very coarse emory board to keep things smooth. Before bed I have been applying "Bag Balm" to both hands.

I don't think I could snatch heavy every day but so far every other is borderline manageable. This is a lot of snatch volume and density for me at this point so I will back off if I start to see damage. On the other hand progress in this area has skyrocketed within the last week and its very exciting ride.

Gabi said...

That volume and density @24kg is very impressive, you are making great gains, and so fast! Congrats!

Franklin B. Herman said...


Thanks so much, its really appreciated! I can't wait to hear how your RKC cert goes .. although already I know you are going smoke it!

Howie Brewer said...

Great job Franklin! Keep it up! Time for me to start timed sessions again. Now that the weight is lifted, I can start having fun again. Whew!!!

Aaron Friday said...

Doing those first 10 sets on the minute with no hand change will help you bump up your long sets. Instead of 5/5, do 10 with one hand. Next minute, use the other hand.

Great job.

Franklin B. Herman said...


Great recommendation but I have my doubts about being able to do 10 sets of 10/min switching hands every other min. But I won't know until I go for it .. I'm game.

Aaron Friday said...

Franklin, it's wise not to kill yourself. Even the first 2 sets would get you on that road.