Saturday, April 19, 2008

Double session

A great nights sleep .. yes! Weight: 176 lbs. All the extra grub yesterday got my weight back where is should be, any less and I feel weak. Although my right elbow was sore from my silly over-doing of the pinch grip training, after a long Z drill session and they were feeling much better.

Z-Health R-Phase and some Neural Warm-up Level 2

24kg 20 Two-hand swings

Sumo DL Linear PTTP Cycle: (lbs)
Day 4: 160 x 5, 145 x 5

I'm sticking with barefoot. These were no sweat. I know this is the easy part of the cycle but I'm still happy as my back is fine with the Sumo style.

I tried an RKC style snatch test with my weak left side first. After 15 reps and I totally ran out of gas and had to stop. So I rested for a bit and then tried my right side.

24kg snatch:
1 x 15 left
1 x 25 right
1 x 5/5
3 x (5 x 5/5 @ 1set/min) 6 mins rest between every 5 sets.
Total: 200 reps

My left hand has developed some painful blisters in the palm area. I addressed this later in the evening after watching the 2nd DVD of the Brett Jones, Sr RKC, KB Basics. This DVD focused on grind and core lifts: windmill, TGU, MP, Front Squat, Single leg DL. Its impossible for me watch a DVD as good as this without lifting along:

24kg 4 x 3/3 Windmill
24kg 1/4, 1/5 MP left/right
24kg 2 x 1 Seated MP right side
16kg 2 x 1 Seated MP left side
32kg 1 x 2/1 TGU

MP ladders with 16kg left and 24 kg right:
3 x 1,2,3,4,5

Double 32kg 1 x 3 Double clean
Double 24kg 1 x 2 Hardstyle LCCJ
Double 24kg 1 x 1 Thruster

I was up for some late night snatch action. After the 1st set, my left hand blisters were really painful. I tried using my fingerless work gloves and that helped a lot although snatch was a little more difficult:

24kg Snatches:
1 x 7/6
1 x 12/10
Ladder R/L 1,2,3,4,5
Total reps = 65

50000 Snatch Race Total = 1080 pts

Wow! I passed the 2 percent mark.

Total volume for the day: 22518 lbs


Diet and Nutrition Log

1 bowl of Kitchari with sweet potato, and Green Gram Curry
2 cups of coffee with tbs of 1/2 and 1/2
2 dates

Morning Snack:
1 small handful of roasted almonds
1 Whey Protein shake with 4 oz Kefir

1 bowl Chinese 4 Season green beans with white rice
2 Fortune cookies
1 large orange

Afternoon Snack:
4 Dates
3 small handful of roasted almonds

1 bowl of brown rice with sweet potato and green beans
1 bowl of Green Gram Curry
1 small piece of pie
2 scoops of ice cream


Franz Snideman said...

Nice Franklin...I like your detailed write ups on training and food are really serious and focused about progress.....great!!!!

Franklin B. Herman said...

Thanks Franz. If nothing else, the detailed logging keeps me accountable for both any gains or setbacks.