Friday, April 11, 2008

some sledge work

At around 9pm last night (and after I thought I was done with all training for the day) I checked out a number of blogs including Rif's where he posted a very interesting youtube video on Remedial Snatch Work by Mark Toomey,RKC (Steel Will Training) [its really worth checking all his videos]. It was so fascinating the next thing I knew I was snatching the 24kg with some of the recommendations from the video:

Last night:
24kg 5 x 5/5, 1 x4/4, 1 x 7/7 snatch = 72 reps
24kg 1 x 51 2 Hand swings

Total 50K Snatch Race pts = 126 + 72 = 198

This is rather amusing as the average participant is in the several thousands.

Finished up with Z-DJM:
Z-Health R-Phase and Neural Warm-up Level II

I spent at least an hour on these as I was definitely tight in the forearms after the late night ballistic shenanigans.

I went to bed around 1:30am and got up at 7am. Incredibly my elbows were just a bit tight with the mildest soreness. Weight: 178 3/4 lbs. Also I tested my left knee and it was only 5 -10 degrees from being able to drop into the hole of front squat .. progress on both fronts.

Feeling great, I decided it was time to check out my new 10lb fiberglass handle sledgehammer. The top photo is the remains of large stump pummeled to smithereens with it. The other photos are of my three dogs as they looked on in complete amazement ... yeah right.

10lb 10 x 10/10 Overhead chain-gang rock breaking style sledgehammer slams = 200 reps

Man, this really worked the mid section, shoulders and back.

24kg+32kg 2 x 1 Farmer walks up and back my 60 foot driveway, switching hands between sets
24kg+32kg 2 x 1 Racked walk up and back; switching hands between sets
24kg 1 x 1 Left arm OH walk up and back;
32kg 1 x 1 Right arm OH walk up and back;
32kg 1 x 10/10 cleans
32kg 30 sec Left arm OH static hold

Warmed-up with Z, and performed more Z between all sets.

Fighter pull-ups 5, 6 x 1,2 exploding up pull-ups GTG-ed throughout the day.

It was nice to be able to repeat my previous 5RM after a week of laying off the pull-ups.

Diet and Nutrition Log

1 bowl of Kitchari, Toor Dal, Green Gram Curry with sweet potato
2 cups of coffee with tbs of 1/2 and 1/2
2 dates
1 banana

Morning Snack:
1 Whey protein snack with 4 oz Kefir

1 bowl of cilantro salmon, mapo dou-fu with brown rice
1 orange
4 dates

Afternoon snack:
2 small handfuls of dried cranberries

1 bowl of boiled tofu with ginger sauce
1 large helping of roasted veggies


Mark Reifkind said...

good work franklin, and yes, the z willhelp with the elbows( my lef tone was very sore after lots of mills, swipes and other cb work) and I did z stuff for it but did not neglect to soften the forearm tissue with my thumper as well.
no reason NOT really helped and now the forearms are good and the elbow is painfree.
lots of tools to use for joint pain.

take care and nice work on that tree stump.

Franklin B. Herman said...


It is with the greatest pleasure and humility to have received your words of encouragement this morning.

Your dedication to this fine art together with your willingness to share your training insights provides me with constant inspiration.