Sunday, April 20, 2008

yard work and the double breathe snatch technique

A restless nights sleep. I got up at 3:30 did some blogging and then slept in to 8:30am. Weight: 175 lbs. Both elbows and left knee a little sore. Immediately performed Z drills and felt much better.

Z-Health R-Phase, some Neural Warm-up Level 2

Although today is a rest day, it was perfect weather for sweeping the driveway and raking the yard and front lawn. It took about 2.5 hours and it was a breeze. When I was 25 lbs heavier and much weaker, this would have been a drudgery. Today it was good exercise and I enjoyed being out in the sun. All the front squatting I have been doing really came in handy as I had to get down numerous times to pick up the raked piles. Bracing my back with inter-abdominal pressure now occurs without me even thinking about it.

Rif put a great video on his blog of him in perfect snatch form with the 24kg. When David Whitley (Iron-Tamer) posted that Rif's double breathing technique (David had recommended this for Rif )looked great, I went back and very carefully re-analyzed the video. Fortunately Rif had recently purchased a new video camera (Flip Video) and both the video and audio were excellent. As result, I started breathing in step with the video while imitating the snatch lift. I then went downstairs to my workout dungeon and practiced reps first with the 16kg and then with the 24kg:

16kg 20/20, 18/18 Snatch
Total reps: 76

24kg Snatch:
10r, 10l
1,2,3 Ladder
4,5 Ladder
Total reps: 70

50000 Snatch Race Total = 1080 + (1/5*76 + 70) = 1188 pts
Currently 15th place out of 24 men. I will be very happy to hold this place throughout the race as those above me are much stronger, experienced snatchers.

Tonight I re-watched the Brett Jones KB Basics for Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers Ballistics DVD and can see why its a must for anyone who has signed up for a RKC cert. I don't have the funds at the moment for it, but when I eventually do sign up for a cert, I will pick up my own copy.


Diet and Nutrition Log

1 bowl of Kitchari with sweet potato, and Green Gram Curry
2 cups of coffee with tbs of 1/2 and 1/2
2 dates

Morning Snack:
2 small handful of roasted almonds
1 Whey protein shake with 4 oz Kefir

1/2 glass of red wine
1 bowl of brown rice, sweet potato and Green Gram Curry and Chinese 4 Season beans
1 large orange

Afternoon snack:
3 Medjool dates
4 dates
2 small handful of roasted almonds
1 tangerine

1 bowl of brown rice, sweet potato and Green Gram Curry and Chinese 4 Season beans
1 small piece of pie
1 scoop of ice cream
2 small handfuls of roasted almonds
1 small handful of dried cranberries.


Martin Schap said...

Sounds like you are really getting a lot out of the videos you are watching. Great stuff. I picked up a few pony clamps yesterday after reading the article you linked.

Franklin B. Herman said...

Hi Martin,

Please be advised that it is very easy to over do it with grip training. With that small warning, Pony Clamps are really cool .. have fun!

Colin said...

Don't need a crystal ball to see that you are going to be a really strong snatcher in the not too distant future.

Do you have a sleep issue then Franklin - I notice it's the first thing you put down on every post. Due to pains or insomnia?

Going great Franklin - 'keep her lit' as we say over here :)

Franklin B. Herman said...

Hi Colin,

Thanks for vote of confidence on the snatches.

It may not sound like it, but this is the best I've slept in years! Every new training cycle effects my sleep for a while until my CNS adjusts to the new routine.

From experimenting, a hard training day followed by almost doing nothing seems to be the best for sleep and general mental health. One of the things I constantly fight off is "doing stuff" on rest days because of the effect.

Endorphin rushes are cool and a good pump is great but my body will really be pissed the next day and an injury is sure to follow.

Aaron Friday said...

Anatomical breathing will do wonders for your long sets once the weight is light enough. Snatch that 32 more to get stronger. Then try the breathing again. Also, keep your head in line with your spine and allow your eyes to follow the movement of your torso (if you don't do it already).

Cranking the head back (i.e., looking forward throughout the movement) tends to shut off the hamstrings, which will kill your lower back through compensation.