Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The amazing Yoganator and 72 24kg snatches in under 5 mins

A much better nights sleep, although I did drag my butt around the office most of the morning. Weight: 175 lbs. My lower back was a bit stiff and sore. My right elbow was much better but still a little sore. I did a full R-Phase session before even getting into work and my back felt a little better.

Z-Health R-Phase and some Neural Warm-Up Level 2

At around 3:30pm I did another full cycle of R-Phase and all back and elbow soreness was gone! I even did two BW wall squats ATG barefoot with toes touching the wall. I haven't been able to do these since tweaking my left knee 5 weeks ago.

I had been checking out Fawn Friday, RKC Yoganator Blog and was blown away by her 281 lb DL (dead-lift) at power-lifting meet she participated in. Like myself she uses the sumo style to optimize the leverage for her body composition. She only weighs around 124 lbs so this is a pretty frick'n amazing demonstration of strength. For those interested in DLs, check out her site. Also her husband, Aaron Friday, who is no slouch either, at the recent TSC effortlessly pulled 415 lbs at a BW of only 154 lbs .. check it out on youtube here .. don't mess with the Friday's, partner!

Anyway I was so psyched watching her 281 lb pull on youtube here I couldn't wait to get home and do my PTTP cycle called for sets. And this is exactly the beauty of these training blogs .. they provide us with a huge number of inspiring performances by everyday folks like us. And because we walk the talk, by training hard and sharing our gains and setbacks, we know when someone has done something worthy of praise and then it moves to achieve greater heights.

Double 32kg 1 x 10 swings

Sumo DL Linear PTTP Cycle: (lbs)
Day 7: 175 x 5, 160 x 5

With a lotsa Z to warm-up, these went very well and this time I never let go of the bar for each of the two sets. One thing I noticed is I let too much air out at the lockout. This is a bad habit I have to stop because it just won't hack it when I work up to heavier pulls. Never the less, it was exciting pulling my BW for 5 reps.

24kg Snatches:
1,2,3,4,5,6,5,4,3,2,1 Ascending/Descending Ladder without putting the bell down for 72 consecutive reps in 4:57 a new PR
5/5/5/5/5/5 for 30 reps
1,2,3,4,3,2,1 Ascending/Descending Ladder without putting the bell down for 32 reps
2 x (1,2,3,2,1) for 36 reps
Total reps: 210

My 50K Snatch Race point total is now 1664 which puts me in 8th out of 24 men. Wow! I'm actually in the top third now. There are some real snatch-smashing studs very close to me (e.g., Rif) that haven't posted yet, so I won't be able to hold on to this for very long. But I can still enjoy the feeling of temporarily hanging with some tough hombres.

That first set of 72 consecutive reps in just under 5:00 was very tough. At the beginning of the descent, one of my left side reps didn't get enough height and I had to press it to an OH lockout .. ugh. When I was done with the set I was totally gassed and kept dry coughing up mucus. It reminded me of when back in my running days, if I had taken a month off and then went out for 5 miler, I would get that same dry hacking cough .. yuck! I used a lotsa chalk and no damage was done. After a long rest (at least 10 minutes) was called for after that 1st nasty set, I finished with much shorter sets and called it a night. I will get back to pull-ups this week end as I need to keep GTG these to keep my recent gains.


Diet and Nutrition Log

1 bowl of Kitchari with sweet potato, and Green Gram Curry
2 cups of coffee with tbs of 1/2 and 1/2
2 dates
1 banana

Morning Snack:
2 small handfuls of roasted almonds
2 dates
4 oz Kefir

1 bowl of steamed tofu, Kitchari, sweet potato and Green Gram Curry
1 large orange
4 Dates

Afternoon Snack:
5 small handfuls of roasted almonds

1 large bowl of Sichuan Shrimp with Veggies
1 small bowl of Cilantro pan-fried salmon
1 small piece of pie
1 scoops of ice cream
1 banana
3 mint chocolate chip cookies


Aaron Friday said...

Dude, I TOLD you! Now you're up to 72 reps in 5 minutes, even after doing other stuff. You're already competitive in the TSC Master's Division for snatches. In fact, I think you can do 100 if you train for it. You'll have to change your rep scheme and work up to higher numbers before switching hands.

You can't have weak hands, and as long as you keep those 32kg snatches in your routine, you won't.

Stick with that deadlift routine as long as your numbers keep going up. When they stop going up, it's time to switch routines and probably cut way back on the frequency.

Your snatches are WAY on track, and your pullups are improving greatly, but your deadlift is still in the neophyte phase. Any 175-lb guy who can swing double 32s should be able to deadlift double bodyweight. You will, but you may need to lift with other people.

Aaron Friday said...

As for my wife Fawn, yeah, she has some serious talent. She's going to the Raw Nationals powerlifting meet this year in St. Louis (her first year in powerlifting). Yet, she remains amazing with kettlebell lifting, TSC stuff, and yoga, and has deep knowledge about nutrition and cooking. She's awesome.

Some deadlift/BW ratios for your consideration:
* Fawn's 281 @ 123 = 2.28xBW
* My 415 @ 157 = 2.64xBW
* My brother's 600 @ 165 = 3.64xBW
* Lamar Gant's 661 @ 132 = 5.01xBW

There is a HUGE range of potential lifts, depending on one's natural talent, focus and work ethic, but 2x bodyweight should be attainable by anyone who is willing to work for it.

Gabi said...

The way you progress with snatches is just fantastic, and, as Aaron says, you have great potential 'in your backpack'!

Congrats to pulling your BW, it is definitely an exciting milestone!

A very smart idea to alternate ladders and across sets! The ladder method is a great way to build up volume while the sets with constant reps work your grip endurance more. I'm going to try this with the 20 and 24 after the cert.

As for heavy swings, you really psyched me into pre-ordering a second 20kg and a 32kg :) They're ones that are going to be used at the cert and sold after, so I can get them at a good price, too. I would have so wanted a 28kg (it would be half my BW exactly), but they seem not to be available over here for the time being.

Howie Brewer said...

Dude, first off, great accomplishment, way to work those snatches. But coughing up mucus?? I've been there. And every time I'm about to return, Tiny Rif pops up on my shoulder, yelling into my ear, "Train, don't Strain!"

fawn said...

Wow Franklin! I am really flattered to be featured on your blog! Gosh, thank you!

I think sumo is the way to go especially if you are a KBer... sumo is for folks with stronger hips.

Nice job, 72 reps is no joke!

Franklin B. Herman said...


I know you told me I was capable but I didn't know until I tried. I wasn't trying to get under 5 mins .. when I was done, I ran over to check my little stopwatch and was shocked to see 4:57. I'm starting to gain a little confidence after last night.

I will heed your sound advice and make sure to continue with low rep sets of the 32kg as part of my snatch regimen ... they are a blast! Have you tried snatching your bulldog for reps yet?

I agree that the deadlift is the wild card for me. Although the weight is light, I'm starting to get a groove for the lift especially since switching to sumo style. Like all new movements/lifts it takes a lot of perfect reps to get the adaption working correctly.

OMG, your brother Shawn is a freak'n animal! I hope he recovers from his hamstring injury quickly. How long have you all been training DLs and what was key to being able to lift so much?


You are right on in your assessment of alternating between sets of ladders with sets of many consecutive reps per arm. They complement each other. I'm now starting to really believe I will be able to pass the RKC snatch for my weight class and age in the not too distant future.

That's very cool you are going to get a 32kg. I can't wait to see a video of you snatching it! .. especially since watching your 5/5 with the 24kg .. you are a VERY strong person!


Thanks bro! And you are definitely right about not over doing it.


Seeing that video of your 281lb pull REALLY got me inspired! As for featuring you in my blog, the pleasure was all mine .. keep pull'n strong!

Sean Schniederjan said...

very solid, franklin. your snatch nos. will keep growing.

how tall are you?

Franklin B. Herman said...

Hi Sean,

Thanks man! I'm a little over 5'9".

Aaron Friday said...

Franklin, I haven't snatched the bulldog yet. Soon, when the weather gets dry and warm enough, I'll jump over that hurdle.

Fawn and I deadlifted once a week for about 6 months in '06. Then I injured my shoulder, took 6 months off, started using kettlebells, and only returned to deadlifts in August of '07 in a mad rush to prepare for the TSC.

I have good genes for limit strength and well-coordinated movement for the most part. To be honest, that's about all I needed to achieve 2xBW. I think Fawn is the same way, although 2xBW is normally a higher hurdle for women.

My brother? Great technique and 20+ years of competition and training.

Sean Schniederjan said...

Aaron's brother rips 450 off the ground so fast it literally makes my brain hurt.